Government geoscience helps to attract exploration investment to Canada by:

  • Allowing industry to identify areas of favourable mineral potential instead of spending money on non-prospective ground

  • Reducing duplicative spending by companies that examine the same parcel of land in different time periods

  • Increasing exploration effectiveness in difficult or challenging terrains

The often cited rule-of-thumb is that $1 in government spending results in $5 in private sector exploration.

This is why PDAC advocates for improvements to the type, quantity and quality of public geoscience information available to mineral explorers. With this information, they are better able to make informed decisions about where to target their exploration efforts.

To date, PDAC has successfully advocated for $200M worth of federal geoscience investments to develop modern geological maps and data sets for all of Canada’s northern regions by 2020, through the Geo-mapping for Energy and Minerals Program. 

In addition, PDAC has successfully advocated for $69M worth of federal geoscience investments to generate improved the rate at which buried mineral deposits are discovered, through the Targeted Geosciences Initiative (phases IV and V).

PDAC is currently undertaking research to identify what the next generation of federal geoscience investments should look like, to support effective and efficient mineral exploration in Canada. 

Exploration Assessment Digital Data Formats guidelines

These guidelines help improve standardization of data and discovery rates of mineral exploration in Canada.

The guidelines avaliable here, if adopted, will facilitate the submission of assessment data in digital form with hopes of improving data sharing, exploration efficiency and discovery rates.


Public Geoscience Data Anecdotes

Have you used public geoscience data to help your company stake mineral exploration properties, make a mineral discovery or reduce the amount of drilling needed on your exploration property?

We would like to show the value of federal and provincial and territorial geoscience programming can have
on making the mineral exploration community more efficient, effective and explore in a more environmentally friendly manner. Tell us your story!