PDAC’s individual membership draws upon a wide range or professions and perspectives. From students and early career professionals to industry pioneers and everyone in between, the PDAC prides itself on the broad array of experience that supports its mission and enables its work. The PDAC’s individual members are part of a pan-industry community and enjoy exclusive networking events, webinars, and access to special rates on convention registration. Join today!


How to Renew:

1. Login to membership profile with username and password 

To retrieve user credentials, click ‘Recover my Username’ or ‘Forgot my Password’ and a reset email will sent to your primary email address on file. If you have a new email address, contact PDAC.

2. Update contact information

Select ‘Update Individual Membership Profile’

3. Renew membership 

Select ‘Renew 2024 Individual Membership’


How to Join:

1.  Create an account

Under ‘New to PDAC’ on the login screen

2. Become a new individual member

You also have the option to click ‘Create an Account’ and sign in with a username and password. If you choose this option, you will be directed to the dashboard to apply for membership.

3. Complete application and submit payment

Choose membership type, fill in contact and demographic information and select 'Proceed to Checkout. To obtain a receipt, return to your home screen and click 'Individual Transaction History'.


In order to insert a digital signature and email the document, you must save a copy of the PDF to your computer.



Individual Membership Types & Fees

Membership Type Description Fee


The Core Member loyalty program requires continuous, annual membership with payments made each year between October 1 and December 31. Members who maintain 25 years of continuous membership qualify for free lifetime membership at the age of 65. $95.00/yr


Regular members can join the association at any time of the year and are eligible to become a Core member after one year of membership. $175.00/yr


Senior members must be at least 65 years of age. $20.00/yr


Students must be able to demonstrate proof of enrollment in full-time post-secondary studies. $20.00/yr
NOTE: All fees are quoted in Canadian dollars. Taxes are applied based on the individual's province of residence. International members are tax-exempt.

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Maximize Savings at PDAC 2024

(Paid by February 9)
  Member Fee Convention Fee You Pay Member Fee Convention Fee You Pay
Core $95.00 $349.00 $444.00 $95.00 $539.00 $634.00
Regular $175.00 $349.00 $524.00 $175.00 $539.00 $714.00
Non-Member   $649.00 $649.00   $849.00 $849.00

(Paid by February 10)
  Member Fee Convention Fee You Pay Member Fee Convention Fee You Pay
Senior $20.00 $85.00 $105.00 $20.00 $85.00 $105.00
Student $20.00 $85.00 $105.00 $20.00 $85.00 $105.00
Non-Member   $140.00 $140.00   $140.00 $140.00

Individual Membership Benefits


  • Substantial discounts on PDAC Convention registration and Short Courses

  • Government advocacy and stakeholder engagement on behalf of the industry

  • Complimentary member-only webinars

  • Member-only networking events

  • Specially designed insurance programs: Consultants Package and Mining/Contractors Package

  • Voting rights in board elections and Annual General Meeting

  • Access to timely research, reports and toolkits 

  • Be part of a global community of industry professionals and companies.

NEW 2024 Member Benefit:

All members attending PDAC 2024 with an ‘All Access Pass’ will have access to select session recordings post-Convention. These include the four Keynote Program presentations, the "Commodities" Technical Program session, and more to be announced in the coming weeks.

Registration opens in early December – don’t forget to take advantage of this exciting new benefit!

Student Membership Benefits



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