• Complimentary access for support person/attendant (upon request)
  • Customer service training on accessibility standards for staff and volunteers
  • Food labeling to indicate items with common allergies
  • Sighted guide volunteers (upon request)
  • Volunteers to greet and direct attendees

If you require a one on one interpreter or intervenor, you are responsible for providing these members of your Support Team. Please email [email protected] to register your support person.


  • Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) in Short Courses and sessions in the South Building
    • Browser based application that does not require plug-ins
    • Easy to configure viewing preferences with adjustable font size and colour to meet individual viewing needs
    • Screen reader compatible
    • QR codes for each session
    • Realtime translation into over 130 languages
  • Lighting to spotlight presenters and provide contrast to on screen content
  • Microphones and sound systems for attendees to adequately hear proceedings
  • Presentations projected high enough to be fully visible to all attendees
  • Reserved seating for attendees that are deaf, hard of hearing or have low vision (upon request)
  • Seating to accommodate wheelchairs, scooters, guide/service animals or other mobility aids 
  • Slido; a tool that allows individual participation in session Q&A and polling from your personal device

Venue, Metro Toronto Convention Centre (MTCC)

  • Barrier-free, fully accessible environment and meets all requirements under the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA). For accessibility details by floor (elevators, escalators, accessible washrooms, TeleTypewriter Phones), please visit
  • Accessible washrooms with raised tactile symbols or braille lettering, an automatic door opener, and at least one accessible washroom on each level
    • Level 100, by Room 104
    • Level 200, by Room 206
    • Level 300, Hall A (South side)
    • Level 400, Women’s washroom
    • Level 500, Women’s washroom
    • Level 600, by Registration
    • Level 700, by 701
    • Level 700, by 718
    • Level 800, West (across from Hall D)
    • Level 800, North (across from Hall G)
    • Level 800, Hall D
    • Level 800, Hall E
  • Accessible water fountains in the hallways throughout the venue and water coolers inside meeting rooms
  • Assistive devices including elevators, escalators, wheelchair lifts, wheelchair ramps and courtesy wheelchairs
  • Attendees accompanied by a guide dog or service animal have access to the MTCC with the exclusion of the food production areas
  • Close to accessible public transit
  • Doorways and setups in session rooms are wide enough to accommodate wheelchairs and scooters
  • Entrances are well maintained and equipped with automatic doors wide enough to accommodate wheelchairs and scooters
  • Emergency evacuation assistance; gathering points, also known as Area of Refuge, for attendees that require assistance are outlined on the MTCC floorplans (upon request)
  • Outdoor access to allow attendees to walk/relieve their guide or service animals
  • Parking; the North garage has 12 accessible parking spaces located on Level 4A. The South garage has 9 accessible parking spaces. Parking service kiosks are in compliance with AODA
  • Public elevators are accessible (i.e., large enough to accommodate power wheelchair and scooter users, and equipped with auditory floor indicators, door sensors, and control panel buttons with braille indicators at an accessible height)
  • Staff are trained in providing accessible customer service
  • Visual (strobe light) fire alarms on the walls
  • Wheelchairs are available as a courtesy service on a first come, first serve basis. Please visit a Guest Services agent (wearing a red tie) located in the North Building on Level 200 and in the South Building on Level 500. Attendees are required to leave a piece of ID with the Guest Service Agent. 

To request an accessibility accommodation during convention, request assistance in the event of an emergency evacuation or if you have accessibility questions, please contact Stefanie Wolf at [email protected]

For more information contact:

[email protected]