Capital Market Reforms

Canada is the global centre for mine equity financing, with the TMX accounting for more than 50% of all global mining financings in 2015. To ensure that we maintain our globally dominant status, PDAC works with securities commissions and stock exchanges on incremental and structural reforms that will:

  • Expand access to wider/new pools of capital

  • Reduce the costs of capital-raising in Canada

  • Maintain investor confidence in Canadian capital markets through improved enforcement.

These goals were identified by our membership during an extensive member and stakeholder consultation undertaken by PDAC in 2013.

Structural Reforms

PDAC is undertaking research to identify opportunities for transformative changes to how capital raising takes place in Canada, starting with the regulatory framework being developed for the newly emergent cooperative regulator.

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Incremental Reforms

PDAC responds to proposals from securities regulators and stock exchanges in order to maintain Canada as a global hub for mine equity financing.

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