PDAC has long been an advocate for the industry to improve its social, environmental and health & safety performance both at home and abroad. We were the first industry association in the world to develop detailed guidance for companies on how to explore responsibly.


Responsible exploration is about behavioural change. PDAC’s efforts to improve industry performance are aimed at catalyzing change by supporting industry leadership, improving governance and activating markets (i.e. investors). While this work takes place year-round, the annual PDAC Convention provides a platform for all of this work to come together in the form of Short Courses, Sustainability ProgramIndigenous Program, and related side events such as the annual Resource Governance Symposium that is co-organized by PDAC, the Intergovernmental Forum on Mining, Minerals and Sustainable Development, and the World Economic Forum


GHG Calculator

PDAC supports the Government of Canada’s efforts to develop a pan-Canadian framework on clean growth and climate change and has developed a GHG Calculator and reduction guidance specifically to support mineral exploration companies . Read More 



An online information resource to help companies exploring for minerals improve their social, environmental, and health and safety performance. Read More



Transparency has both an economic development dimension (i.e. transparency of resource revenue payments) and a broader sustainability dimension.

Read More


Diversity & Inclusion

To fuel discussion and encourage change, PDAC has hosted several deliberative dialogues on the subject of “Women and Mining.” Read More


Health & Safety

PDAC’s Health and Safety (H&S) Program is a key element in PDAC’s strategic priority of responsible exploration. Read More

Geoscience 1

Human Rights

PDAC has been actively involved in the design, implementation and revision of Canada's CSR Strategy for the Extractive Sector Abroad. Read More


Indigenous Engagement

Developing positive relationships between mineral and mining companies and Indigenous communities. Read More

Responsible Exploration

Nicole Khun
Analyst, Sustainability