PDAC develops tools and resources to support leadership in Indigenous Affairs and greater understanding and co-operation between Indigenous communities and the mineral industry in Canada.

The PDAC Indigenous Affairs Program is gathering information about community engagement practices between the mineral industry and Indigenous communities in Canada. Share your story by completing the questionnaire.


Government Resource Revenue Sharing with Indigenous Communities

In 2014, the PDAC released a research report that examines the issue of government resource revenue sharing in Canada – the sharing of government revenues generated from mineral development with Indigenous Peoples. The report offers a jurisdictional scan of the existing GRRS models in Canada, as well as a brief overview of those provinces that have not developed a GRRS policy or signed agreements with Indigenous communities. The report then briefly characterizes some of the key elements within government resource revenue sharing agreements.

Read the full research report in English below:

Government Resource Revenue Sharing - ENGLISH


Exploration and Mining Guide for Indigenous Communities

This Guide is designed to provide information to Indigenous communities across Canada, about the stages of the mineral development cycle, from early exploration to mine closure, and reclamation. The Guide helps identify opportunities for Indigenous participation in the industry.

This Guide is designed to provide information about the stages of the mineral development sequence, from early exploration to mine closure and reclamation. 

Read the full report in English and French below:


Guide - FRENCH

trainers manual

Trainers Manual: Exploration and Mining Guide for Indigenous Communities

A companion tool to the Exploration and Mining Guide for Indigenous Communities, is the Trainer's Manual. The Manual is designed to help disseminate information about mineral exploration and mining and inform communities about economic opportunities in the sector. It provides guidance for facilitators and trainers to help deliver the content contained in the Guide in a convenient, workshop format. 

The Trainer’s Manual helps to operationalize the Guide and convey its information as a ready-made workshop. It provides a practical methodology for people to disseminate the information that is contained in the Guide.  

Read the full report in English and French below:

Trainer's Manual - ENGLISH

Trainer's Manual - FRENCH