Mineral exploration is about discoveries. Without exploration, there are no discoveries, and without discoveries there are no mines. This is why jurisdictions compete to attract scarce exploration dollars, in order to sustain the rate at which mineral deposits are discovered in their jurisdictions. While not every deposit is developed into a mine, increased exploration activity increases the probability of discovering a deposit that ultimately is mined.

PDAC undertakes a range of research and advocacy with federal, provincial and territorial governments to create an attractive investment climate for the mineral exploration industry that will increase the probability that companies will discover deposits that could conceivably become mines one day. In addition, PDAC provides tools and resources to its members to help them explore responsibly and effectively.

These advocacy and member service activities unfold within our ‘Land Access Framework’.

Geoscience 1


Advocating for improvements to public geoscience.
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Land Availability 1

Land Availability

Advocating for responsible access to highly prospective land.
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Reducing the costs of accessing prospective land in remote areas.
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Regulatory Affairs

Reducing regulatory and permitting delays.
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Innovation 1


Improving discovery rates in exploration.
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Access to Land

Jeff Killeen
Director, Policy & Programs