Over the last twenty years, the Canadian exploration and mining industry has successfully leveraged its domestic expertise to go global, establishing Canada as a world leader in mineral exploration and development in particular. As a result, Canadian companies now explore and mine around the world, with Canadian Mining Assets Abroad (CMAA) totaling over $170 billion in 2015, in 102 countries. This accounts for two-thirds of all mining assets owned by Canadian companies. Canadian-headquartered companies regularly account for the largest portion of global nonferrous mineral exploration budgets (approximately 30% in 2016).

Along with the globalization of the industry, the PDAC Convention has also globalized, with delegates from over 130 countries attending the 2017 Convention. PDAC membership has also globalized, with non-Canadian members accounting for 27% of individual members and 23% of corporate members in 2017.

PDAC undertakes activities, or supports international activities by other program areas, related to the following goals:


Supporting Canadian Explorers

PDAC receives many requests to support members with the challenges they face when operating in different jurisdictions. Read More


Supporting Responsible Exploration

PDAC supports responsible exploration by Canadian companies and other mineral explorers abroad. Read More


Promoting Canada and PDAC Abroad

To promote Canada as a destination for exploration and development investment and as a centre for capital-raising, PDAC participates in events around the world. Read More

International Affairs

Jeff Killeen
Director, Policy & Programs