Supporting Canadian Explorers

PDAC receives many requests to support members with challenges they are facing in different jurisdictions. Given limited resources, PDAC has focused its energies to date on systemic protections for all companies operating abroad, by advocating for the Government of Canada to sign Foreign Investment Protection and Promotion Agreements with mineral-rich countries, and for the inclusion of investor-state dispute settlement provisions and mechanisms in free trade agreements. PDAC also advocates for the Government of Canada to identify exploration and mining as a priority sector for government trade and development strategies.

In addition to this systemic advocacy, PDAC is also approached by governments that want to improve their investment climate for exploration (e.g. Chile, South Africa, Mexico), support responsible exploration in their jurisdiction (e.g. Peru, Colombia, Mexico) or improve the sustainability performance of their companies (e.g. China).

In response to these requests, PDAC reaches out to members operating in these jurisdictions (e.g. China, USA, Mexico, South Africa) in order to provide meaningful intelligence to Canadian government officials as well as host government officials. These conversations also shape the types of technical assistance provided to host countries, both in terms of helping them attract investment (the focus of the International Affairs program) and align that investment with sustainable development (the focus of the CSR program).

Canada’s network of trade commissioners is a key resource for Canadian companies abroad. Since 2013, PDAC has actively engaged with the TCS in an effort to strengthen their knowledge of mineral exploration (as opposed to mining) and the economic benefits generated by mineral exploration for Canada. PDAC presents annually to mining-focused Trade Commissioners during their annual training session held on the margins of the PDAC Convention.