2024 Skookum Jim Award

This award is named after the Indigenous leader of the group that discovered the Yukon Klondike goldfields, one of Canada’s most important mineral discoveries. Recipients of this award must be from a recognized Indigenous group in Canada (Metis, Inuit, First Nation) and have demonstrated exceptional achievement and/or service in an Indigenous business organization operating in the Canadian mining industry and/or a Canadian Indigenous exploration or mining company or have made a significant individual contribution to the mining industry.


Wabun Tribal Council

For developing a consistent process of engagement (The Wabun Model) that reasonably matches lifespan of projects from mineral exploration to development.

The Wabun Tribal Council (WTC) is a non-profit regional Chief’s Council representing, advocating for, and delivering services to six First Nations: Beaverhouse, Brunswick House, Chapleau Ojibwe, Flying Post, Matachewan, and Mattagami. The territories of these First Nations span among the most prolific mining camps in Ontario, and as a result, WTC has developed extensive expertise on engaging the mining industry. Most significantly, WTC pioneered a consistent engagement process – known as the Wabun Model – that aligns with the duration of projects, from mineral exploration to development.

The Wabun Model, illustrating their approach to company-community collaboration on exploration and mining, is acknowledged not just in Ontario but across Canada. This distinctive method offers robust and systematic support to First Nations communities during their negotiations and partnerships with exploration and mining companies. This support extends to mining firms as well, affording them clarity regarding local expectations about their operations, conduct, and economic contributions in the region.

Serving both as a guide and facilitator, WTC ensures an equitable and consistent consultation process. WTC aids their member Nations by orchestrating meetings, steering negotiations, and introducing streamlined processes to unite companies and communities. This model fosters the creation of enduring, mutually advantageous partnerships.

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