PDAC Diversity and Inclusion Working Group

In 2016 and 2017, the PDAC hosted deliberative dialogues on the subject of “Women and Mining”. During these sessions, participants from a variety of stakeholder groups identified barriers to diversity and inclusion in the mineral exploration and mining industries. In order to begin to break down these barriers, participants recognized that exploration and mining companies need improved guidance on how to cultivate more inclusive and diverse working environments, particularly for women, and that PDAC, as the “voice of the mineral exploration industry in Canada” and creator of e3 Plus, was best positioned to undertake this work. These dialogues informed PDAC’s 5 year strategic plan which adopted Gender Diversity as a key priority.

Recognizing the complexity of this issue and the fact that the mineral industry’s efforts towards improved diversity and inclusion were in their infancy, the PDAC established a Diversity & Inclusion Working Group comprised of various subject matter experts to contribute collaboratively to guidance on matters of diversity and inclusion, with a particular focus on gender in 2018. The PDAC recognizes that diversity is broader than gender, and gender itself is broader than women, and sees gender as the first step in addressing diversity and inclusion within the sector.

The working group serves as a knowledge hub for diversity and inclusion in the mineral exploration and mining industries.

Working Group Members

Anne Belanger, Seequent Limited

Alex Marcotte, Osisko Mining Inc.

Mary Boyden, Eight Fire

Bill McGuinty, Eastmain Resources Inc.

Ally Brown

Angelina Mehta, Women In Mining Canada

Kelly Cooper, Centre for Social Intelligence

Chi Nguyen, Center For Social Innovation

Maryann Crichton, Hatch Ltd.

Valerie Pascale

Lisa Davis, Peartree Securities Inc.

Jennifer Prospero, Sherritt International Corporation

Adriana Eftimie, International Finance Corporation

Karen Rees

June Francis, Beedie School of Business, SFU

Ian Thomson, Oxfam Canada

Siri Genik, Bridge Consulting

Anna Tudela

Samson Hartland, Yukon Chamber of Mines

Taya van Biesen, Catalyst Canada

Lina Holguin, Global Affairs Canada

Cynthia Waldmeier, Mining Association Of Canada

Dennis Jones


Helle Bank Jorgensen, Global Compact Network Canada


Dean Laplonge, Factive