Mining Industry Task Force on IFRS Standards

Since all public companies in Canada were required to transition over to the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) in January 2011, the CPA Canada-PDAC Mining Industry Task Force has compiled a series of Viewpoints to help PDAC members—and the entire mineral exploration and mining industry—to incorporate the IFRS principles as they relate to the accounting practices of Canadian companies in the sector that operate in Canada and around the world.

The Viewpoint Series can be downloaded from Below is a summary of the Viewpoints in both English and French, as well as the associated links.


Viewpoints: Impact of IFRS 15, revenue from contracts with customers (Mining)
Understand some of the practical challenges in applying IFRS 15, Revenue from contracts with customers, that are common to the mining industry.

Viewpoints: IFRS 16 Leases - Key recognition considerations for the mining industry (Mining)
Understand some key lease recognition issues in contractual arrangements common to the mining industry and how the accounting for some agreements may be affected by IFRS 16.

Viewpoints: Reclamation obligations (Mining)
Learn how mining entities should recognize and measure reclamation obligations and how they should account for subsequent revisions to estimated reclamation obligations.


Points de vue : Incidence d’IFRS 15 Produits des activités ordinaires tirés de contrats avec des clients (secteur minier)
Apprenez-en plus sur les difficultés d’ordre pratique que pose souvent, dans le secteur minier, l’application d’IFRS 15 Produits des activités ordinaires tirés de contrats avec des clients.

Points de vue : Mise en oeuvre des normes IFRS dans le secteur minier
IFRS 16 Contrats de location – Principaux Éléments à  Prendre en Compte Pour la Comptabilisation dans le secteur miner

Points de vue : Obligations de remise en état (secteur minier)
Mise en oeuvre des IFRS dans le secteur minier.