The PDAC Aboriginal Affairs Program works to support the development of positive relationships between Aboriginal communities and mineral exploration and mining companies, as well as increased participation by Aboriginal people in the economic opportunities generated by the mineral industry.

Key priorities for the PDAC Aboriginal Affairs Program include:

  • Improving the ways in which the Crown implements its constitutional duty to consult and accommodate Aboriginal people.

  • Supporting efforts to improve the understanding of the mineral industry by Aboriginal people, and of the mineral industry’s understanding of Aboriginal people.

  • The Aboriginal Program at the annual PDAC Convention.

  • Advocating for social investments by governments to enhance Aboriginal participation in the minerals industry.



Implementing the Crown's Duty to Consult. Learn More



Supporting greater understanding between Aboriginal communities and the minerals industry. Learn More



Supporting the participation of Aboriginal people in the minerals industry. Learn More


Aboriginal Program

The Aboriginal Program offers an excellent opportunity to bring Aboriginal people together with the minerals industry. Learn More

Aboriginal Affairs

Lesley Williams
Director, Policy & Programs
Telephone (416) 362-1969 ext. 294

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