Keynote Speaker: Dr. Rex Gibbons, Ph.D., P.Geo.

Dr. Gibbons has held several senior management positions in both
the public and private sectors and he will provide some insight into his experiences.

  • Alyce Brownlie
    Alyce Brownlie
    Graduate Exploration Geologist Barrick Gold- Australia Pacific Region
  • Jeff Auston
    Jeff Auston
    Northern Alberta
    Institute of Technology
  • Jordan Battison
    Jordan Battison
    Laurentian University
  • Martina Bezzola
    Martina Bezzola
    University of Victoria
  • Nathan Cleven
    Nathan Cleven
    University of British Columbia
  • Nicole Debond
    Nicole Debond
    University of Toronto
  • Andrew Fox
    Andrew Fox
    University of New Brunswick
  • Francis Gagnon
    Francis Gagnon
    Université du Québec à Montréal
  • James Goodacre
    James Goodacre
    Brock University
  •  Devon Griffiths
    Devon Griffiths
    University of Calgary
  • Rachelle Huppelschoten
    Rachelle Huppelschoten
    University of Alberta
  •  Roisin Kyne
    Roisin Kyne
    Lakehead University
  • Francine Long
    Francine Long
    Queen's University
  •  Luke Maddigan
    Luke Maddigan
    Memorial University of Newfoundland
  •  Amy Nelson
    Amy Nelson
    Dalhousie University
  •  Jessics Perras
    Jessics Perras
    University of Regina
  • Graeme Roper
    Graeme Roper
    University of Guelph
  • Marilyn Rosseau
    Marilyn Rosseau
    McGill University
  • Steven Scott
    Steven Scott
    Carleton University
  • Brianna Sejourne
    Brianna Sejourne
    University of Ottawa
  • Bill Spicer
    Bill Spicer
    McMaster University
  • Greg Strathdee
    Greg Strathdee
    Saint Maryés University
  • Eric Street
    Eric Street
    Simon Fraser University
  • Troy Unrau
    Troy Unrau
    University of Manitoba

  • Ned Welty
    Acadia University