2020 MiHR

2020 Canadian Mineral Exploration HR Outlook

Unlike other segments of the mining sector, exploration is not covered by a nationally recognized industry classification, nor is there a specific collection of occupations that can be used to define the scope of its labour market.
To address this gap, the 2020 report enhances labour market information available to mineral exploration stakeholders, identifies short- and long-term human resources challenges and opportunities, and serves as the basis for developing an industry strategy and action plan to address key human resources issues.
The report reveals several overarching themes such as

  • Representation of mid-career workers in exploration is lower than in the mining industry.
  • There is a higher representation of women and immigrants than in mining.
  • Young people are unaware about exploration careers, which limits the future labour pool.
  •  Stronger industry/education collaboration is needed to better align learning outcomes with employer skills requirements

2020 Canadian Mineral Exploration HR Outlook (Full Report)

2017 MiHR

2017 Canadian Mineral Exploration HR Outlook

Mineral exploration is the first stage of the mining process and requires collaboration between multiple stakeholders to be successful. Mining Industry Human Resource Council (MiHR) partnered with the Prospectors & Developers Association of Canada (PDAC) to conduct a pilot study on the exploration industry, and provide valuable information about the least-understood labour market in the mining industry. This research will support industry stakeholders in creating strategies to increase the sector’s ability to engage new pools of talent in mineral exploration.
This national survey is the first step in a larger strategy that incorporates learning from all stakeholders in our sector – not just mining extraction – enabling us to better understand and address labour market issues related to the entire mining cycle.

Canadian Mineral Exploration HR Outlook (Full Report)
Canadian Mineral Exploration HR Outlook (Executive Summary)

Labour Market Research

Unearthing Possibilities: Human Resources Challenges and Opportunities in the Canadian Mineral Exploration Sector

In 2011, PDAC collaborated with MiHR to produce Unearthing Possibilities, a report that provided reliable, relevant and timely labour market information to support strategic workforce planning and to simulate a proactive approach to the Human Resources (HR) challenges facing the mineral exploration sector.

Industry consultation revealed several HR challenges and opportunities under the headings of career awareness and attraction, recruitment and retention.

MiHR Unearthing Possibilities (Full Report)
MiHR Unearthing Possibilities (Executive Summary)

Labour Market Research Tents

Effects of Field Experience on Recruitment and Retention of Geoscientists in Canadian Mineral Exploration

As a follow up to Unearthing Possibilities, PDAC and MiHR conducted this research study to investigate the impacts of post-secondary field experience on the flow, recruitment and retention of talent from education in the geosciences to the mineral exploration industry.

This research followed on recommendations from Unearthing Possibilities, where employers articulated that the most challenging positions to fill within the exploration sector were geoscience positions, and for all positions that require field work a lack of field experience persists as the number one challenge in filling those vacancies.

Effects of Field Experience on Recruitment and Retention (Full Report)