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PDAC advocates for governments at the federal, provincial and territorial levels to support a competitive and responsible Canadian mineral industry where companies are able to effectively explore for, discover and develop the mineral and metal deposits that our modern society depends on. These efforts are focused on ensuring that Canada’s mineral exploration and development industry has the tools required to enhance its position as the global destination for mineral investment, remain a key employer in communities across the country, and provide the raw materials that power Canada’s economy.

PDAC’s ongoing advocacy focuses on several key areas that are critical to Canada’s mineral sector, including:

Access to Prospective Lands

Ensuring that industry has access to prospective lands and that the value of mineral potential is factored into land management and potential land withdrawal decisions by undertaking comprehensive mineral resource assessments, based on geoscientific studies.

Northern Development and Infrastructure

Supporting mineral industry competitiveness in Canada’s northern and remote regions by addressing the infrastructure deficit through strategic, large-scale investments in critical transportation and energy infrastructure and by ensuring that any new carbon price regime is revenue neutral, protects emissions intensive and trade-exposed (EITE) sectors, and addresses the unique challenges faced by remote and northern regions.

Geoscience and Innovation

Securing long-term government investment in public geoscience data collection and dissemination that helps drive mineral exploration, and the development of funding mechanisms or fiscal incentives to encourage the development, testing and adoption of innovative technologies and processes specifically for the mineral exploration industry.

Indigenous Affairs

Supporting industry’s efforts to facilitate the full participation of Indigenous Peoples in the mineral industry, government investments that contribute to improved socioeconomic outcomes for Indigenous communities and advocating for improvement to the Crown’s implementation of its constitutional duty to consult and accommodate Indigenous Peoples.

Regulatory Regimes

Ensuring that existing and future regulatory regimes are credible, efficient, predictable, coordinated and balanced in order to reduce uncertainty, delays and costs that undermine Canada’s investment climate.

Responsible Exploration

Supporting companies in their ongoing efforts to enhance environmental, social and health & safety performance by the mineral industry, both nationally and internationally, as well as supporting industry’s initiatives to address barriers to diversity and inclusion in the industry.

Mineral Sector’s Essential Role in Enabling a Low Carbon Future

Establishing fiscal incentives to increase the exploration for the minerals and metals that are crucial to a low carbon future to position Canada as the global supplier of choice for these.

Access to Capital

Catalyzing investment and support capital flows into mineral exploration in Canada by maintaining, adopting and enhancing fiscal incentives for early-stage exploration, such as tax credits, exploration incentives, prospector assistance programs and venture capital funds.

Access to Skills

Ensuring that policy, programs and incentives are established to connect the next generation of students to education and skills development programs necessary to find success in Canada’s mineral exploration and development industry.

Two significant opportunities for this advocacy include the annual federal budget, and annual Energy and Mines Ministers Conference. You can learn more about these below.

Parliament of Canada

Federal Budget

PDAC is pleased to provide recommendations for the Federal Budget that will contribute to economic growth and enhance the prosperity of all Canadians. Read More

International Mine Ministers' Summit

A unique event that brings together Mine Ministers from around the world, providing an important setting for the international mining community to explore challenges and opportunities affecting the industry.
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Our advocacy takes on a variety of forms, including direct engagement with various government ministries, standing committees and more. Learn more about some of the recent issues we have taken on.
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Steve Shapka
Analyst, Government Relations