S-IMEW Alumni: Where Are They Now?

In May 2016, the Student-Industry Mineral Exploration Workshop (S-IMEW) celebrated its 10th anniversary! 

Scroll through the image gallery to share in some of our participants memories and learn how S-IMEW impacted their career paths. 

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Carl Corriveau
Exploration Manager, Eastmain Resources Inc.
S-IMEW 2007

Looking back at this amazing opportunity, my fondest memories include the instant camaraderie felt between myself and the other students from all over Canada right from the beginning and the numerous great field visits organized by the S-IMEW. I also really enjoyed interacting with academics and industry professionals so early on in my career. Many thanks to the PDAC and S-IMEW for organizing this high quality workshop for Canadian geoscientists students!
Tim Cross
Specialist Geologist - Geometallurgy
S-IMEW 2007

S-IMEW opened my eyes to how diverse, interesting and well-funded the mining industry really is. My professors desperately wanted me to pursue a career in academia, but the S-IMEW trip gave me a taste for mining and exploration which has taken me around the world, from northern Canada to New Zealand to Australia. It was truly an honour and privilege to be invited and I’ll always be grateful for that experience.
Daniel Gregory
Assistant Professor of Economic Geology, University of Toronto
S-IMEW 2007

During the S-IMEW trip I most enjoyed visiting the different sites to see evidence for the impact model for the Sudbury deposit. I have since used photos from that trip in outreach activities during my time at the University of California, Riverside. It allowed me to get some economic geology into outreach session for the NASA Astrobiology institute, something that would have been otherwise quite difficult to do.
Rory Krocker
Project Geologist
S-IMEW 2007

The workshop is where I met Scott Jobin-Bevans who was running the program at the time. It subsequently resulted in my first geology job working for his consulting company. This has come full circle in that I have recently began working with him again. All as a result of my S-IMEW trip. I forged some lifelong friendships, and learnt as much in those two week as any course I took. It was truly the highlight of my academic career.
Madeline Dana Lee
Research Officer, Flight Research Laboratory, National Research Council
S-IMEW 2007

I have many good memories of S-IMEW, from the field excursions to the camaraderie of the students. As a geophysics student the workshop also provided a good opportunity for hands on experience with geology. I am thankful that I was able to participate in S-IMEW and to work with other ambitious geoscience students.
Rachel Hough (Huppelschoten)
Project Geologist, APEX Geosciences Ltd
S-IMEW 2008

S-IMEW greatly impacted my choice of career path. Through the workshop I was introduced to new concepts, methods, commodities and deposits showcasing how diverse and multifaceted mineral exploration actually is. I wanted to experience everything mineral exploration had to offer and this is the reason I became a consultant, so that I could learn something new every day.
Dr. Roisin Kyne
Post Doctoral Fellow, Irish Centre for Research in Applied Geoscience (iCRAG), University College Dublin
S-IMEW 2008

S-IMEW is an incredible and unique experience I have yet to encounter anywhere else in the world and one that helped solidify my career as a geoscientist. Not only did it afford an incredible networking opportunity, S-IMEW introduced me to aspects of the business and practical side of the industry that I had not been exposed to previously. I also developed a number of fantastic relationships with fellow geoscientists from all over Canada who I run into everywhere in the world. The geology community is small and to have been given an opportunity to meet so many amazing people has been fantastic for me and will no doubt help enhance my career.
Brianna Séjourné
Exploration Geologist, Hecla Québec, Casa Berardi Mine
S-IMEW 2008

S-IMEW is the best thing that has happened to me in geology! Having participated (2008), volunteered (2010), and worked (2011-2013) for S-IMEW I have since accumulated a wealth of knowledge, networking skills and confidence that has been my “golden ticket” to success. From the field trips and lectures led by experts along with their imparted passion, commitment and guidance I can honestly say S-IMEW is the foundation on which I was able to place the building blocks for my career. Now here I am a successful exploration geologist! Thank you S-IMEW staff/volunteers, sponsors, and students - YOU ROCK!
Melissa Anderson
Assistant Professor of Economic Geology at the University of Toronto
S-IMEW 2009

Through S-IMEW I met the most wonderful people from across Canada, and these friendships have lasted over time and distance. The field trip through the Abitibi captivated my interest, and now (years later) my research is focused on seafloor massive sulfide deposits in back-arc basins of the SW Pacific (the modern analogue of the Abitibi VMS deposits).
Jordan Eamer
Operations, Sable Island NPR
S-IMEW 2009

The network of S-IMEW students from 2009 has resulted in surprising opportunities, new career paths, and simply excitement as I have followed along with their own respective work. It has been a successful group, and I have no doubt that S-IMEW had a role in that.
Seamus Magnus
Precambrian Geoscientist, Ontario Geological Survey
S-IMEW 2009

The coolest thing that I gained from S-IMEW was the nation-wide community of peers that myself and the other participants instantly became a part of. I’ve bumped into students from my year and others at a variety of conventions, meetings and field trips over the last decade; even at non-geology related events like a curling tournament! It’s nice to know that wherever I am in Canada, a friend from my year isn’t far away. It’s often said that the social world of geology is small, which is true; S-IMEW was a great introduction to that community!
Paul Medici
Associate, The Marquee Group
S-IMEW 2009

The two weeks flew by, which was due to a combination of wonderful people and numerous events. The S-IMEW organizers and PDAC staff were fantastic, the guest speakers were exceptional, and the students all shared a common bond – which made for a unique and unforgettable experience. Having previously worked solely in exploration geology, Michael Doggett’s talk on Mineral Economics helped broaden my career horizons within the mining industry. Post S-IMEW, I ventured into the Capital Markets where I worked on the financial side of the industry valuing mining equities. I later went back to school to obtain an MBA. This naturally led to my current role as a consultant, where I build financial models for companies within a variety of industries.
Matthew Moss
Mine Engineer, JDS Energy & Mining
S-IMEW 2009

S-IMEW allowed for the mingling of geoscience students from various institutions while visiting sites in various forms of development - from greenfields, to production, and reclamation. We found that although specific interests varied we all had one common interest. Rocks! Some liked to lick them, others to blow them up. My interests are on the latter.
Mill tours and trips to underground operations were among fondest memories on the S-IMEW trip, and helped guide me to a fulltime career in underground mine engineering.
Friendships were made on this trip that will last long into the future. Having a nationwide network of friends in the geoscience community is not something to take for granted in our line of work. You never know who you might be sharing a helicopter with on your next project.
Octavia Bath
Project Geologist, Pretivm Resources Inc.
S-IMEW 2010

S-IMEW not only solidified my interest in mineral exploration and mining but helped mould it into my passion and career. We were exposed to many different aspects of the mining world including both scientific research and industry. The workshop gave me an understanding of how truly diverse the sector is. I also made many contacts, and more importantly friends who I still have to this day
Anne Belanger
Account Executive, Seequent
S-IMEW 2010

Leading up to S-IMEW I had little interest in participating in the mineral exploration industry after graduation. Throughout S-IMEW we were exposed to so many elements of the mineral exploration and mining industries, and we were shown that the industry is really trying to become more socially responsible. My perspective of the industry changed and I was immediately drawn to pursue a career in mineral exploration. The relationships created with fellow S-IMEW students, staff and volunteers are an integral aspect to S-IMEW’s long-standing beneficial impact on my life and career.
Katarina Bjorkman
PhD candidate, Centre for Exploration Targeting, University of Western Australia, Perth, Australia
S-IMEW 2010

The Noranda-Val-d'Or field trip including the underground visits was the highlight of S-IMEW for me. The fondest memories are really of the friendships/relationships developed during the two weeks. I am still in touch with most people through Facebook and like seeing what others are up to.
Dustin Dahn
Bedrock mapping geologist, New Brunswick Geologic Survey
S-IMEW 2010

S-IMEW helped me become more confident with applied aspects of geology through field trips, mine tours and mapping exercises. At S-IMEW I was exposed to aspects of geology that I did not learn at university and I really enjoyed discussions and networking opportunities with fellow students from across Canada.
Michal Kolaj
Research Geophysicist, Lamontagne Geophysics Ltd
S-IMEW 2010

S-IMEW not only provided me with a practical view of the mineral exploration industry but introduced me to a fundamental element of working in the mining community, the ‘art’ of networking. The organizers encouraged students like myself to speak with industry members and to develop the career connections required to be successful. Five years later, I continue to stay in contact with several of the industry professionals and other students that I met during this valuable student program.
David Murray
Exploration Geologist, Goldcorp Canada, Musselwhite Mine
S-IMEW 2010

S-IMEW has had a dramatic impact on the course of my career. In 2011, a glowing reference from a S-IMEW connection helped me secure a position at a small exploration consulting firm that sent me to several exciting projects across Canada and Colombia over the following three years. That role gave me the experience I needed to begin a career with Goldcorp; where I now work alongside two S-IMEW 2009 alumni in a dynamic and intelligent exploration department. S-IMEW alumni are developing a respected reputation in the industry and employers are taking notice!
April Bertrand, P.Geo
Mine Geologist, Kirkland Lake Gold Inc.
S-IMEW 2011

Although I now work in the production sector, my summers as a student and my first job post-graduation were in exploration. S-IMEW was the first in-depth experience where I was able to physically see all of the steps from mineral exploration to deposit definition to mine operation. I think having experience in both exploration and production is a significant asset to any geologist's knowledge base, and I am still overwhelmed by all that I was able to see and learn in such a short time during S-IMEW. I also found it a comfortable, intimate setting for innumerable networking opportunities that were second to none. To say the least, it's an event not to be missed!
Nate Corcoran
MSc candidate, UBC
S-IMEW 2011

I now have 25 new friends in the industry and countless contacts! It also made me aware of the many different career paths and stages within the mining industry.
Meg Engelbert
PhD Candidate, Laurentian University
S-IMEW 2011

My fondest memory of S-IMEW is meeting amazing people from all over Canada with a shared passion for the earth sciences and the mining industry. I also met my current Ph.D. supervisor, Dr. Harold Gibson.
Dante Huff
Ph.D. Candidate, Colorado School of Mines, Economic Geology and Geochemistry
S-IMEW 2011

I cannot recommend the S-IMEW experience highly enough. Although the workshop classes and exercises were effective and convinced me I wanted a career in mineral exploration, the true highlight of S-IMEW for me was spending two glorious, fun-filled weeks with an amazing group of students who would become my industry peers. In this setting, it is impossible not to make friends and lifelong contacts who now live across the country. Another major advantage of S-IMEW is that it allows students at the beginning of their careers to meet influential members of the mining community, a feat difficult to duplicate.
Duncan Mackay
Exploration Geoscientist, GIT
S-IMEW 2011

S-IMEW was a fantastic opportunity to meet students and colleagues from across Canada and explore world class mineral deposits. The guidance of some of the most experienced individuals from across industry and academia provided a fantastic learning and mentoring opportunity. The workshop gave me an appreciation for all aspects of the mineral industry that still guides me today.
Danica Pascua
Production Geologist, Goldcorp Inc., Cochenour Mine
S-IMEW 2011

S-IMEW helped me become more confident in myself when networking. I now enjoy meeting new people and don’t shy away from it like before, allowing me to form and expand my network in the industry.
Blake Schreiner
Wellsite Supervisor, currently looking for opportunities in Mining/Oil and gas, exploration or geochemistry
S-IMEW 2011

I have been working in wellsite geology in the Western Canadian Sedimentary basin upon graduation. Recently it has been a challenge to find work in the commodities industry but I have been using the networking skills learned during S-IMEW to aid in my job search. S-IMEW was filled with engaging talks, hands on training, and networking directly related to the mineral exploration industry. The biggest takeaway from the workshop is that I am in control of innovating to move forward with my career and the bonds that were built in those two weeks have allowed me to keep in touch with my geoscience peers.
Paul Stewart
Project Geologist, Uravan Minerals Inc.
S-IMEW 2011

S-IMEW to me was like summer camp for geologists. There are few things more fun than running around exploring the bush, underground mines and board rooms with a diverse group of young enthusiastic geologists. Rubbing shoulders with some heavy hitters in the junior and major mining space was also a bonus. S-IMEW was also a great crash course on what to expect working in the junior mining space. This was invaluable knowledge at the time as I began an MSc program in collaboration with a junior mining company shortly after the trip.
Brent Trevisan, M.Sc., P.Geo
Environmental Scientist, Stantec Consulting Ltd.
S-IMEW 2011

My fondest memory of S-IMEW was the Levack mine tour. The tour was a real eye opener to underground mining. The tour was also a great example of a Ni-Cu-PGE magmatic sulphide deposit in the Sudbury Igneous Complex. Ni-Cu-PGE exploration later became the focus of my MSc thesis and employment contracts in short. Overall S-IMEW provided excellent exposure to the mining industry making me feel comfortable with my choice of career path.
Erin Adlakha
Assistant Professor, Saint Mary's University
S-IMEW 2012

My fondest memory of S-IMEW was the opening keynote speaker- Eira Thomas. It was very inspiring to hear from such a successful and respected woman in our industry. Her talk was so eloquent and engaging, you could have heard a pin drop in the room: she had everyone's attention.
Ayat Baig
Geologist, Barrick Gold Corp., Hemlo Mine
S-IMEW 2012

S-IMEW was an invaluable experience. The evening talks in particular were inspiring and the site visits gave me insight into the broad scope of the Canadian mining industry and the great people working in it.
Rachel Chouinard
Exploration Geologist, GFG Resources Inc.
S-IMEW 2012

Participating in S-IMEW further kindled my love for geology and working outdoors. My fondest memories of the course are the new friendships, gaining knowledge and insight into different facets of the industry, and being inspired by meeting other women in mining.
Pierre Grondin LeBlanc
MSc candidate
S-IMEW 2012

My fondest memory of S-IMEW was meeting all the great people in my group!
Kacper Halama
Contract Geologist
S-IMEW 2012

S-IMEW offered something new and exciting each day but the most impactful part was the networking opportunities. I made many friends and contacts during S-IMEW and more often than not, I meet someone who also has a S-IMEW connection.
I've had the opportunity to work on several projects in Ontario, Saskatchewan, and Labrador. Geoscience offers many opportunities to explore our great country that I cannot imagine finding anywhere else. While the last few years have been hard on many it's the exhilaration that I get when I fly in a helicopter every day, finding an outcrop that doesn't fit the current geological model, or seeing core speckled with gold that makes sticking through the hard times worth it.
Justin Hoyle
MSc. candidate, Geochemistry
S-IMEW 2012

My fondest memory of S-IMEW was going underground at the McCeedy West Mine. It was my first time underground, and it left a lasting impression. It was amazing to see the massive sulphide veins.
Frank Joris
Micro-seismic monitoring station installation technician
S-IMEW 2012

My fondest memory of S-IMEW is sitting at a table talking about geophysics with one of the company reps, who is now a friend of mine. We had two different people come to sit down and talk with us, find out what we were talking about and leave.
Mathew Taylor
Project Geologist, Barrick Gold Exploration Inc. North America
S-IMEW 2012

S-IMEW was impactful for the many friendships formed with geologists from varying backgrounds. And the course really opened up my eyes and mind to the diversity of processes and stages in the mineral exploration business. It’s not just about finding anomalous amounts of a mineral resource, it’s also about the economics of the deposit, the way the resource will need to be extracted and processed before sale and how a company manages to explore the potential of the project or site they are working on at the various stages of exploration.
Édouard Côté-Lavoie
MSc Candidate, Université du Québec à Chicoutimi
S-IMEW 2013

I have a full two-weeks of fond memories in my head, but the contacts and friendships I've made at S-IMEW are what's the most important. Nowadays, a career in the mining industry is based on your business contacts, and S-IMEW gave us this opportunity to meet important players in multiple domains of the industry. I knew I wanted to be a geologist, and I now I'm really sure it's the place I want to be! By doing this workshop, PDAC reaffirms it's position as a leader in the mining industry and every past and future S-IMEW'ers are grateful for this opportunity.
Taylor Haid
M.Sc. candidate, Planetary Geology, Western University, Centre for Planetary Science and Exploration
S-IMEW 2013

S-IMEW was without a doubt one of the greatest opportunities and memories of my undergraduate career. The industry members who presented to us provided us with invaluable information on the business side of this industry, which you rarely receive in an academic setting. I also certainly won’t forget the impromptu snowball fight after a snowstorm in Sudbury in May! I developed some amazing friendships and networks with fellow students from all over the country, which has led me to where I am today, focusing on exploration techniques for both mining and planetary exploration at Western.
Rosie Harris
Geotechnical Technician, Norwest Corporation
S-IMEW 2013

My fondest memory of S-IMEW would have to be the networking events and the field mapping exercises. The field exercises taught me so much, I got to learn from geologists leading the exercises as well as from my fellow students. I came back from S-IMEW with improved field mapping skills that I have used in various jobs since attending in 2013. The networking events allowed us to meet industry professionals and gave us time to get to know our fellow students better. I still keep in touch with many of the people I met during my two weeks at S-IMEW.
Tara Harvey
Hydrogeology Assistant, Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority
S-IMEW 2013

It's hard to choose just one memory of S-IMEW as so much happened. However, the memory that stands out the most for me is when it snowed on our excursions in Northern Quebec/Ontario and we had to spend time clearing the outcrops to see what we were discussing. The entire experience was the "fondest moment" as it was with great people, investigating and learning about cool rocks, and experiencing unique things.
Nick Joyce
Investment Banking Associate | Metals & Mining | Macquarie Capital Markets Canada Ltd.
S-IMEW 2013

It’s always great catching up with SIMEW alumni, seeing where each of us has taken our careers, and reminiscing on the two weeks we spent across northern Ontario and the Abitibi of Quebec. SIMEW certainly broadened by perspective on the industry and provided access not only to a great experience touring mines, mills, and smelters, but to some great people as well. Many thanks to the PDAC and the S-IMEW sponsors for making this happen.
Marie-Ève Lajoie
MSc. candidate, Earth Sciences, Memorial University of Newfoundland
S-IMEW 2013

S-IMEW was definitely the best experience of my undergraduate degree and inspired me to pursue a post-graduate degree in Earth Sciences at Memorial University of Newfoundland. S-IMEW gave me the opportunity to network with industry representatives all while visiting geological landmarks across northern Ontario and Québec. This workshop introduced me to the many facets of the mining industry that I wasn’t familiar with before participating to this workshop. Thanks to S-IMEW, I have created long-lasting friendships and industry connections for my present and future career in the mining industry. I am forever grateful to have been part of this amazing and inspiring experience.
Svieda Ma
Precambrian Research Geologist, Saskatchewan Geological Survey
S-IMEW 2013

S-IMEW was a unique and treasured experience that broadened my knowledge of the multifaceted mineral exploration industry. I had little prior exposure to the applied fields of exploration and mining, so I felt fortunate to learn from enthusiastic industry and academic professionals. My fondest memories are of the many field trips and, of course, all the people! It was wonderful to meet fellow students from across Canada and to network with professionals. The S-IMEW experience motivated me to become a well-rounded geoscientist. I am grateful for this opportunity and for the dedicated organizers and volunteers who facilitated such a memorable workshop.
Shilika Mathur
Recently completed a Master’s in Economic Geology & Geochemistry, University of Toronto
S-IMEW 2013

S-IMEW has helped shape my career path by providing exposure to the mining industry and different types of jobs that are available. In addition, S-IMEW provided the opportunity to network with industry professionals, some of which who have turned into mentors.
Mervin McDonald
Mine Geologist, Iron Ore Company of Canada, Rio Tinto
S-IMEW 2013

S-IMEW offered great workshops and talks focused on a wide variety of topics (Exploration geology, mining, geophysics, career development, etc.) that have helped me develop into a more well rounded professional in the mining industry. However, I think the biggest gift we all took from our experience was the number of lifelong friends we made and continue to keep in touch with.
Kei Quinn
Senior Project Geologist, Constantine Metal Resources Ltd.
S-IMEW 2013

Does it get any better than seeing some of the most amazing geology with a group of technical, ambitious and like-minded geoscientists? S-IMEW honors what geoscience is all about - being curious, asking questions and getting out there to explore. Thanks so much for an amazing opportunity!
Tyler Ciufo
Junior Geologist - IAMGOLD Corporation, Côté Gold Project
S-IMEW 2014

To see such genuine enthusiasm amongst industry leaders throughout S-IMEW fueled my passion and desire to learn as much as possible about the many aspects of the mineral exploration industry. All the people I met, including fellow students and industry staff, and the hands-on knowledge obtained about the mining industry at this well-rounded workshop, immensely added to what I have learned through my work experience and geologic studies at the University of Waterloo. In appreciation, one of my goals is to one day give back by encouraging and instilling this same desire in future geoscience students.
Marina Schofield
PhD candidate, Laurentian University
S-IMEW 2014

I have S-IMEW to thank for sparking my interest in Mineral Exploration. The connections I made and opportunities presented as a result of this workshop have led to an exciting and rewarding career path. After S-IMEW I worked for the Geological Survey of NL for a year and then went on to complete my MSc at the University of Auckland, New Zealand. My MSc research integrated structural controls on mineralization and geochemical footprints as vectors to ore-grade Au at the Karangahake epithermal Au-deposit, New Zealand, utilizing 3D modeling software (Leapfrog® and 3D stress®). Currently, I am back in Sudbury where it all started, in the second year of my PhD at Laurentian University, working with other S-IMEW alumni. My research project is funded through Metal Earth, focused on the Metallogeny of the Powell Block, Rouyn-Noranda, Quebec. This is an area I was first exposed to years ago during the S-IMEW Abitibi field trip.
Candice Ying Woei Ooi
Geologist-in-Training at TMAC Resources
S-IMEW 2018

S-IMEW is an eye-opening experience which gave me better understanding in both exploration and production geology through mine visits and technical sessions. This experience allowed me to connect with industry professionals which has helped me a lot in navigating my careers and motivated me to strive in the mining industry.