Lithium brine characterization: Resources and reserves (0.5 days) SOLD OUT

Saturday, March 2, 2024
Room 715
8:30 AM - 12:30 PM

1/2 day course

Montgomery & Associates Consultores Limitada

All levels

Interest in lithium has grown substantially over the last decade. Although lithium can be found in hard rock deposits, vast amounts of lithium are also found in liquid form within subsurface brine aquifers that are commonly located in high altitude, closed-basin environments. This course is intended to explain the basic hydrogeology of brine systems, the methods utilized to characterize these deposits, and the estimation of lithium resources and reserves. Regardless of whether you are interested in lithium as an investment, a mining company interested in determining the value of your property, or a manufacturer needing a sustainable source of lithium for battery production, this course will help with the understanding of this valuable resource.

This course will be presented by three qualified persons experienced in lithium brine characterization. Each of the three hydrogeologists will focus on different aspects of the concepts and methods associated with obtaining information needed to characterize the reservoir system, and will discuss the estimation of retrievable lithium brine from the subsurface. The course will discuss the factors involved in evaluating a lithium brine resource and reserve, requirements for a successful project, and potential problems associated with development of a lithium brine project.


This course will aim to increase understanding of the following:
• Methods used by hydrogeologists to characterize lithium brine deposits
• How and why lithium brine estimates are different from those of traditional hard rock deposits
• Factors needed to distinguish a viable project from a marginal, or unfeasible project
• Timelines associated with project advancement

The course will include three separate presentations with questions and answers during and at the end of each presentation. Actual project examples will be discussed, including review of similarities and differences between various projects.


Includes course material and continental breakfast 
8:30 AM - 12:30 PM

Lithium brine characterization: Resources and reserves SOLD OUT

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