South Building, Level 800, Foyer

Rio Tinto Café

A popular location with plenty of seating for attendees.

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South Building, Level 800, Hall D and Foyer

Food Pavilion

Large seating area for attendees.

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MAJOR Drilling

South Building, Level 700, Foyer

700 Café & Lounge

Lounge seating for attendees.

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South and North Buildings, Common Areas (Levels 800, 700, 600, 200, 100)

Water Dispensers

MTCC Water Dispenser

For your convenience, water dispensers are available in the common areas for you to fill up your re-useable containers as you go between your programming events and business meetings.

North Building, Level 300, Trade Show North

North Eatery

Seating area for attendees.

Wednesday: Only select concessions are open at the
Rio Tinto Café, Food Pavilion and North Eatery

North Building, Level 200 (exterior street level)

Food Trucks