Select food concessions will be open and available to attendees.

Health & Safety Note: 
Masks must be worn at all times. As such, a mask will be required while in concession line-ups. Food must be consumed within the Food Pavilion (our designated food & beverage area) and once seated at a table, attendees may unmask to eat and drink.

Non-alcoholic beverages are permitted in the exhibit halls, hallways and session rooms.

PDAC thanks you for your cooperation.

icon gluten friendly = Gluten Friendly       icon vegetarian = Vegetarian

South Building, Level 800, Hall G

Food Pavilion
Cash bar, hot and cold beverages, food items  icon gluten friendly  icon vegetarian

Large seating area for attendees. Due to provincial government rules, food must be consumed within the Food Pavilion area.

Stay tuned for details about the food vendors and their offerings.

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MAJOR Drilling

South Buildings, Common Areas (Levels 800, 700, 600)

Water Dispensers

MTCC Water Dispenser

For your convenience, water dispensers are available in the common areas for you to fill up your reusable containers.