General Information
Convention attendees: 25,843
Investors: 2,510
International attendees: 29.6%
Outside of Canada the largest number of attendees came from: USA, Australia, United Kingdom, Mexico, Peru, Chile, Brazil, Argentina, South Africa, Germany, China
Countries represented: 132
Student attendees: 1,054
Self-identified Aboriginal attendees: More than 500
Media: 359
Sponsors: 47

Trade Show & Trade Show North
Booths: 1,020
Exhibiting organizations: 579
Governments exhibiting: 69

Investors Exchange
Booths: 531
Exhibiting organizations: 497
Prospectors Tent booths: 19 

Core Shack
Exhibiting companies: 40

Presentations and workshops
Technical Sessions: 19
Short Courses: 13
Presentation Rooms & Reception Rooms: 44
Corporate Presentation Forum for Investors presentations: 117
Speakers: 778

Convention Program


Convention Highlights

  • PDAC was pleased to welcome prospectors, students, Indigenous peoples, government officials, investors and executives, as well as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau who spoke with PDAC President Glenn Mullan in front of 300 delegates. The conversation with the Prime Minister centred on the Government’s support for Canada’s mineral sector through the recent renewal of the Mineral Exploration Tax Credit (METC) for five years, along with our leadership in Indigenous partnerships, responsible exploration, and how our sector can remain competitive on the global stage.
  • IMMS: PDAC, in partnership with the World Economic Forum, hosted the International Mines Ministers Summit (IMMS) for the fourth year, bringing together 24 Ministers responsible for mining from around the world. This year’s summit focused on the future of responsible mineral supply chains.
  • CMMP and Canada Day: The Canadian Minerals and Metals Plan was officially launched to position Canada as the leading mining nation and to lay the foundation for lasting success at home and abroad. The inaugural Canada Day had sessions on diversity, Indigenous leadership, investment, innovation, clean technology and the future of the sector.
  • Diversity: As part of the Sustainability Program, sessions examined diversity and inclusion in the workplace, as well as in the community setting. The sessions were followed by the Mining for Diversity Reception.
  • PDAC 2019 featured more than 1,100 exhibitors, with over 500 at the Investors Exchange and another 600 at the Trade Show. After two years of sold-out exhibitor space and long waiting lists, the Trade Show North was expanded to accommodate the growing demand.
  • Attendees had an opportunity to attend 13 in-depth, educational short courses led by industry experts on topics including the following: Applied structural geology of gold and base metal bearing hydrothermal mineralizing systems; Concepts and application of machine learning to mining geoscience; Disclosure do's and don’ts; Fundamentos de estimación de recursos minerales (New for PDAC 2019 and instruction in Spanish only); Geology, genesis, and exploration for magmatic and magmatic-hydrothermal ore deposits; Geophysical and geochemical imaging of the continental upper mantle for mineral systems regional targeting; Health and safety in mineral exploration; Holistic exploration in covered terranes; Mining financial modeling; Recognizing the impact of political risk on mining operations; Reporting and benchmarking resource projects; Spectral geology; and The art and science of effective community engagement.
  • Attendees enjoyed continuous networking opportunities—nearly 600 people celebrated at the sold out Awards Gala & After Party where six industry leaders were honoured in recognition of their outstanding contributions to the minerals and mining industry, and the Grand Finale once again brought attendees together to celebrate the success of PDAC 2019.

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