General Information
Convention attendees: 25,606
Investors: 3,495
International attendees: 28.9%
Outside of Canada the largest number of attendees came from: USA, Australia, United Kingdom, Peru, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, South Africa, Germany, China, Finland
Countries represented: 135
Student attendees: 1,348
Self-identified Aboriginal attendees: 525
Media: 340
Sponsors: 48

Trade Show & Trade Show North
Booths: 869
Exhibiting organizations: 481
Governments exhibiting: 68

Investors Exchange
Booths: 518
Exhibiting organizations: 486
Prospectors Tent booths: 13

Mining Marketplace
Booths: 20
Exhibiting organizations: 20

Core Shack
Exhibiting companies: 40

Presentations and workshops
Technical Sessions: 18
Short Courses: 12
Presentation Rooms & Reception Rooms: 37
Corporate Presentation Forum for Investors presentations: 119
Speakers: 556

Convention Program


Convention Highlights

  • PDAC, in partnership with the World Economic Forum, hosted the International Mines Ministers’ Summit (IMMS) for the third year, bringing together 26 Ministers responsible for mining from around the world—the largest turnout to date. This year’s summit focused on the various ways in which trust can be fostered to enhance and expand the contributions that the sector has on the prosperity and development of nations.
  • PDAC hosted nearly 30 federal, provincial and territorial government officials over the four-day convention—a reflection of the association’s significant leadership role in Canada.
  • An outstanding Technical Program featured Tito Martins of Nexa Resources S.A. who led the Commodities and market outlook session; Daniel Malchuk of Minerals Americas, BHP, Sean Roosen of Osisko Gold Royalties and Anna Tudela of Goldcorp Inc. spoke during the Keynote session: Industry Review - Lessons for the future.
  • Over 1,000 exhibitors participated in the Trade Show, Trade Show North, Investors Exchange, Mining Marketplace, Core Shack and Prospectors Tent.
  • The sold out Mineral Outlook Luncheon featuring A. Gary Shilling—best-selling author, economic consultant, and investment adviser—discussed Opportunities for the mining and metals industry in an excess supply world.
  • Attendees enjoyed continuous networking opportunities at the sold out Awards Gala & After Party. Seven industry leaders were honoured with prestigious awards in recognition of their excellence. The Grand Finale saw attendees dance, dance, dance as they celebrated the success of PDAC 2018.
  • Many Short Courses sold out! Twelve short courses were offered on topics including environmental geological models of mineral deposits (Society of Economic Geologists), mineral resource estimation (Roscoe Postle Associates Inc.) and precambrian gold deposits (Mineral Exploration Research Centre, Laurentian University). Other course themes included minimizing environmental impacts, mining financial modelling, geochemistry, geophysics, health and safety, avoiding the legal pitfalls of working in South America, peer review and technical audits, NI 43-101, and the application of artificial intelligence and machine learning (Decennial Mineral Exploration Conferences).

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