Jamile Cruz
Founder and CEO
I&D 101

Jamile is the Founder and CEO of I&D 101, a consulting firm specialized in Inclusion and Diversity diagnostics, strategy development and implementation. She has spent over twenty years with clients transforming businesses in high performing organizations, creating and implementing strategies to reduce operational costs and achieve their business goals.

She has international experience across multiple industries including mining, engineering, telecommunications and management consulting, where she worked directly for Hatch, Vale and Accenture and advised Fortune 500 organizations. She is now driven to share her knowledge and experience to create a greater social impact, working with organizations that are committed to creating more inclusive and diverse work environments.

A recognized business transformation leader, Jamile has been featured as a keynote speaker in multiple conferences, and authored publications, including an Action Plan for the advancement of women in the Brazilian mining industry, currently being adopted by many organizations. Jamile also serves as a board member of Women in Mining Canada and as a founding director of Women in Mining Brasil, both organizations leading change and promoting an industry that fosters, advances and empowers women. She leads the Diversity and Inclusion committee for the Brazil-Canada Chamber of Commerce and is a recipient of the 2020 Canadian Institute of Mining Distinguished Lecturers Award, in recognition of her work developing inclusive workplaces, specially in mining. She holds a Master’s Certificate in Project Management, and a Bachelor of Engineering degree.