For the PDAC 2025 Technical Program, the Convention Planning Committee (CPC) has a two-stage approach to solicit ideas and applications from the exploration and development community. 

Stage 1 (March 26 - June 28) NOW OPEN
Submit an application for the PDAC Technical Program.  There are three different ways to contribute through this submission process:

  1. Session topic. Share with us a topic which you would like to see presented at PDAC 2025.
  2. Full session: Submit your idea for a full or partial Technical Program session. Sessions include up to six expert speakers sharing content on an important exploration and development industry related topic. Sessions are generally 1.5 - 3 hours in length. Share with us the topic you would like to see at PDAC 2025, as well as who you would like to see speak on that topic.
  3. Individual presentation. Submit an individual presentation abstract. If selected, this presentation would be incorporated into a larger session that matches one of the final selected session themes.

Final session topics will be selected in late July. When deciding session themes, we will consider all submissions.  If your application is selected, or selected in part, you may be asked if you would like to participate as a session co-chair or speaker.

Stage 2 (August 1 – September 20) - We will be seeking applications from presenters who can offer meaningful contributions on the final PDAC 2025 selected session topics. Individual presentation applications will be evaluated by the CPC and if appropriate incorporated in the selected sessions.

The PDAC welcomes applications from a diverse range of speakers. Please review our Equity, Diversity & Inclusion policy for more information.

Call for Technical Session submissions: Stage 1

The CPC is looking to build a framework of complimentary sessions which host subject matter experts delivering engaging content which is of practical use and/or educational in nature.  We are currently in Stage 1 of this process as described above. 

When submitting session topics, we ask that they address the categories noted below. They should address the urgent needs of the industry, be relevant, and consider industry trends. 

Applicants will be notified of the success of their submission in late July.

Are you proposing a full session, a single individual presentation, or a session topic:

Maximum of 80 characters

List any speakers, including yourself if relevant, that you hope to include in the session/presentation (if selected). Include speaker name, title, company and a LinkedIn URL or other bio link if available.

If requested, would you be willing to co-chair the session? All session Co-Chairs are expected work together to secure appropriate speakers for their session, communicate with speakers regarding the session content, communicate with PDAC staff regarding session logistics, and introduce and moderate the session in person in March.

I have proper authority to use, reproduce and present and represent the proposed material in my application including but not limited to pictures, representations, video, photographs, graphics, text, whether copyright is written or not and that these rights to such do not conflict with or infringe on the intellectual property or other rights of any other person or entity.
I acknowledge that the CPC and PDAC reserve the right to accept the session topic, description, and proposed speakers as submitted, to combine the submission with other proposals, or to otherwise alter the submission as they see fit.
I understand that submitting this proposal does not guarantee acceptance.

For further information, please contact:
Maureen Owens
[email protected]