PDAC 2025 Policy Programs - Expressions of Interest

Do you have exciting ideas to share with the mineral industry? Are you keen to develop a session for PDAC 2025's Capital Markets, Sustainability and/or Indigenous Programs? Please select a topic(s) of interest, or add a topic and share your contact details below. Some sessions may be selected as integrated sessions between multiple program areas.

Deadline to indicate your expression of interest has been extended to August 16th at 11:59pm ET . Submit your idea today!

Sessions with a focus on case studies, experiential activities, grounded stories and audience participation will receive a higher priority during selection.

Successful expressions of interest will be contacted with the request to submit additional session details. Please be prepared to address such a request when we reach out. 

Sessions that are commercial in nature will not be accepted.

Select the topic that most closely relates to your proposed session (please select no more than 3 total).




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I have proper authority to use, reproduce and present and represent the proposed material in my application including but not limited to pictures, representations, video, photographs, graphics, text, whether copyright is written or not and that these rights to such do not conflict with or infringe on the intellectual property or other rights of any other person or entity
For more information, contact:

Michael D'Amelio
Coordinator, Convention Programming
[email protected]

Nicole Kulp

Sustainability Analyst
[email protected]

Ran Maoz 
Policy Analyst, Tax Policy & Capital Markets
[email protected] 

Alex Armstrong
Analyst, Indigenous and Regulatory Affairs
[email protected]