The Media Partnership is a barter marketing exchange program between qualified print and digital media outlets and the PDAC. No money will be exchanged in the partnership.

In exchange for advertising in Media Partner printed, digital, and televised publications/shows (primarily between September and March each year), PDAC will provide the following to approved media partners, depending on the level of exposure given to PDAC:

  • Logo and link on PDAC convention website
  • Media Partner name listed in the digital PDAC Preliminary Program and Convention Program
  • Media Partner logo listed on Media Partner on-site signage
  • Literature bin opportunities (limited number of bins). Media Partners will be able to ship copies (at the partner’s expense) of their publication to display during the convention. Returning literature bin partners will have first right of refusal.
  • Media Stage opportunities (limited number of stages). Returning partners will have the first right of refusal. Partners must have employees present for the full duration of the convention.
  • Table Top opportunities to display materials during the convention (limited number of tables available). First right of refusal to returning partners. Employees must be present for the full duration of the convention.
  • Each partner will be provided with an official PDAC media partner icon for their use
  • Opportunities to interview the PDAC President

Media Partners provide some or all of the following items (if applicable):

  • Placement of PDAC-provided web banners on their website with a link to PDAC’s convention website
  • Placement of PDAC-provided web banners in Media Partner e-newsletters
  • Media Partner deploys an e-blast to subscribers on behalf of PDAC
  • Print advertisements in publications (full page, colour)
  • Digital online advertisements
  • Promote PDAC via social media channels
  • Publish pre and/or post-show articles (content and press releases will be available to assist with editorial)

After the closing of the application process, PDAC will provide an agreement to applicants who have been approved for partnership. Once this agreement is approved by both parties, the PDAC will distribute the Media Partner icon and artwork. The media partner is to provide their logo which will be uploaded to the website upon signing of the agreement.

For more information, contact:

Lynn Bodwell

[email protected]

Applications for PDAC 2025 will open in the spring of 2024.