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Glenn Mullan shares his thoughts on being the 36th PDAC President, and discusses what he hopes to achieve over the next two years in the role. Learn more

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Since 1932 the PDAC has been guided by 36 Presidents. Today, each President serves a two-year term. Click here to see the full list of Presidents.


Glenn MullanGlenn-Mullan-PDAC-Jan-2017
Prospectors & Developers Association of Canada (PDAC)

Glenn Mullan is the 36th President of the Prospectors & Developers of Canada (PDAC).

Over his +40-year career, Glenn has followed a traditional exploration and prospecting path. He began with contract geophysical surveys, where he caught the bug for being in the North and working in remote locations, then began prospecting and staking mining claims independently while completing his B.Sc. in Geology and Earth Sciences at Concordia University. He later conducted contract exploration geological services, mostly located in Northern Ontario and Québec.

Glenn would go on to broker numerous prospector/vendor transactions with arms-length public companies, and form a public company in 1999 that evolved into Ni-Cu-PGE producer that currently employs more than 300 people in Northern Québec. Glenn has a broad spectrum of industry-related experience—across Canada and Africa—including early-stage acquisitions and exploration through PEA, BFS, permitting and mine development-stages, as well as CSR initiatives, financing and corporate development. That said, he much prefers early-stage grassroots exploration in remote locations and near his home base in Val-D’Or, Québec.

Currently, Glenn serves as President and CEO of Golden Valley Mines Ltd, where his main area of interest continues to be grassroots early-stage exploration, primarily for base and precious metals in Canada and abroad. Glenn has been a PDAC member for over 40 years, serving on the Executive Committee, Awards Committee, CSR Committee and the Governance & Nominating Committee.

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