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Exploration Insights

Exploration Insights is a high-profile venue for speakers who wish to present topical subjects at the Convention in a forum outside the themed Technical Sessions.
Chairs: Reno Pressacco, RPA Inc, Toronto & John Sullivan, Mineral Exploration Consultant, Aurora, Canada

Unsustainability of very large gold producers: 12 years on

Ralph Bullis, Geological Consultant, Edmonton, Canada

Using big data and advanced analytics to solve some of the Abitibi’s geologic riddles

Charles Beaudry, Orefinders Resources Inc., Toronto, Canada

Accelerating geological exploration using advanced technologies like artificial intelligence (AI)

Robin Fell, Strategic Technology Solutions, Vancouver, Canada

Automated drillcore description based on core images and machine learning

Martin Blouin, Geolearn, Quebec City, Canada

Clean metals from the seafloor: One of the biggest disruptions facing the base-metals industry

Anthony O'Sullivan, DeepGreen Resources Inc., Brisbane, Australia

The Lac des Iles palladium deposits: Products of a structurally-controlled magmatic breccia system

Dave Peck, North American Palladium Ltd, Toronto, Canada
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Tuesday, March 6, 2018
9:10 AM - 11:40 AM
Location: Room 711