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“PDAC Mining Matters programs provide students with information on the importance of mining in society, education on local geology and career opportunities in the mining industry. The results of Mining Matters to date are very encouraging…..little kids coming home after school showing little bits of rock to their mum and dad and being able to identify what type of rock it is, in Inuktitut and English, and saying that they want to be a geologist when they grow up. The PDAC Mining Matters helps to create that spark of interest. This is important to Agnico Eagle as the PDAC Mining Matters program helps to sets the stage to ensure a more interested, capable and educated labor force.”
-Graeme Dargo, Superintendent, Community Engagement Nunavut, AEM

Discovering Diamonds: A Canadian Earth Science Curriculum Resource

Using authentic data and hands-on experiences students will learn about Earth science through activities linked by the theme of Canada's world-class diamond bearing deposits. Diamond formation reveals knowledge of the Earth's formation and structure. Modern technology that is being applied to the discovery, extraction and processing of diamonds requires understand of internal and surficial processes.  The Discovering Diamonds kit includes:

  • 21 hands-on activities that encourage critical thinking and bring in elements of every area of Earth science
  • Kimberlite and indicator mineral samples; view a kimberlite pipe animation
  • Map: Northern Canada: Nunavut and Northwest Territories - Mining and Exploration
  • Explore for More career resources
  • CD-ROM: Diamonds from the Tundra: The EKATI Story 
  • CD-ROM: Diavik: Constructing the Legacy
  • Slideshow presentation with photographs of diamonds, geological field methods, glacial landscapes and diamond mines
  • Resource files: Digital versions of data and fact sheets used in student activities

Cost: $75.00 - includes the kit and a prerequisite in-service workshop (Shipping and handling extra)

Portions of this project were generously supported by the Ontario Ministry of Economic Development, Trade and Employment which established the Youth Science and Technology Grant Program to help non-profit organizations create resources that raise young people's awareness of science and technology.

Discovering Diamonds Sampler

An excerpt from the Mining Matters teaching resource, Discovering Diamonds: A Canadian Earth Science Curriculum Resource for Senior High School is presented here for your perusal. The front material, Activity 3.1 and Activity 5.1 are included in its entirety (Backgrounder, Outline and Handout sections).

The complete resource is available to teachers and outreach educators through enrollment and participation in a pre-requisite inservice. For more information about the resource or to inquire about an scheduling an inservice, contact Teacher Training and School Programs today.

Discovering Diamonds - Front Material

Discovering Diamonds is a one-of-a-kind resource designed to bring the riches of Canadian diamonds into high school classrooms across Canada.  Using authentic data and generously donated materials, 21 activities illustrate real-world experience with diamonds - not just theories and concepts. Young Canadians will learn about the country's world-class diamond-bearing deposits, diamond formation, and the modern technology being applied to the discovery, extraction, and processing of diamonds. 

Topic 3: Activity 3.1 The Rock Cycle
Students learn the terms that apply to the processes and products of the rock cycle, and, those terms, create a visual representation of the rock cycle. Students then superimpose the diamond story onto the rock-cycle diagram.

Topic 5: Activity 5.1 Canada's First Diamond Mines
Students are provided with fact sheets and information about the development of Canada's first diamond mines, EKATI and Diavik, both located in Northwest Territories. They research and report on one stage of the mining sequence for diamond mining in Northern Canada. Students present the information in the role of a person who would have been involved in the mine development process.

Discovering Diamonds with GIS mapping

Mining Matters now offers our first learning resource for geographic information system (GIS) software. Partnering with ESRI Canada, we have adapted four hands-on activities from out senior curriculum resource, Discovering Diamonds, into a multi-part lesson that teaches high school students the use of ArcGIS, ESRI’s suite of GIS software products. The activity manual, master answer pages, and all data files are free to download.
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Leçons en francais!
Les leçons GIS sont aussi disponible en français! 
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Diamonds - Educator Guide

Diamonds - Educator Guide
 was originally created by Science North in collaboration with Mining Matters as a tool for teachers to support the traveling exhibit, "Diamonds". The exhibit, once a 2000 sq. foot installment at Science North was divided into five thematic zones: Formation, Exploration, Mining and Processing, Properties and the Gem.  The guide was created to provide an exhibit overview, descriptions of participatory activities, as well as word searches, quizzes, and a reference list to access supplemental material. It was used to prepare the students for a visit to the exhibition, as a follow up to the visit, or to simply stimulate exploration of themes covered within the exhibition.