Energy & Mines Ministers Conference

Each year, Ministers responsible for mining and energy from every jurisdiction in Canada meet to discuss how to support a responsible and competitive industry that contributes to the sustainable development of local communities and the country as a whole. As one of the co-chairs of the Canadian Mineral Industry Federation (CMIF), a network of mineral industry associations from across Canada, PDAC works collaboratively with its partners to submit an annual policy brief to Energy & Mines Ministers Conference (EMMC) outlining the key risks and opportunities facing the industry, and what actions governments could take in response.

In the 2019 brief, CMIF submitted a series of recommendations organized under the six strategic directions identified in the Canadian Minerals and Metals Plan (CMMP) published earlier this year. The plan, developed by Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) with the support of most provincial and territorial governments, identifies specific areas where collaboration and action by federal, provincial and territorial governments can boost Canada’s ability to attract new mineral investment. While Canada has long benefited from a prosperous minerals and metals industry, the country is not immune to global competitive forces and cannot take the benefits and opportunities that exploration and mining presents to Canadians for granted.

The brief is available to read in English and French.