Table of Contents
1.1 Corporate Governance and Responsible Governance 
1.2 Why Are Responsible Governance and Sound Management Systems Important? 
1.3 What Are the Elements of Responsible Governance? 
1.4 Establishing a Management System To Support Your Commitments to e3 Plus
   1.4.1 What Is a Management System? 
1.5 Management Review 
    1.5.1 What Is a Management Review? 
   1.5.2 Recommended Practices
1.6 Grievance and Complaints Mechanisms 
   1.6.1 What Is a Grievance Procedure?
   1.6.2 Recommended Practices 
   1.6.3 Other Considerations for Explorers
   1.6.4 Sample Whistleblowing Procedure
   1.6.5 Sample Community Complaints Procedure
1.7 Reporting Performance 
   1.7.1 Methods of Communicating Performance
   1.7.2 Characteristics of Good Reporting 
   1.7.3 Getting Started
   1.7.4 Sustainability or Social Responsibility Reports
   1.7.5 Verification and Assurance of Performance Statements 
   1.7.6. Reporting Tables 
1.8 Monitoring and Evaluation 
   1.8.1 What Is Monitoring, Evaluation and Verification?
   1.8.2 What to Monitor and Evaluate? 
   1.8.3 How to Monitor and Evaluate Performance 
   1.8.4 Establishing Metrics Performance Indicators


Governance is the process by which an organization charts and steers its course, to achieve its objectives and meet its commitments to its stakeholders.  It is the process of defining the strategic decisions that shape the organization, the oversight and implementation of those decisions and ultimately assuming accountability for the outcomes. Governance is about making responsible decisions.  Management is the process of planning, organizing and mobilizing people and resources to operationalize those decisions.    

In this section we will discuss the elements of governance and management that provide the foundation for explorers to achieve their commitment to the principles of e3 Plus: A Framework for Responsible Exploration.  We will introduce the concept of responsible governance, provide background on why responsible governance and effective management systems are important, and outline some recommended practices.