Personal Safety

Table of Contents
4.0 Personal Safety
4.1 Risks and Hazards 
4.2 Hazard Control and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) 
   4.2.1 Physical Conditioning 
   4.2.2 Head Protection
   4.2.3 Eye Protection
   4.2.4 Hearing Protection
   4.2.5 Hand Protection
   4.2.6 Foot Protection
   4.2.7 Lung Protection
   4.2.8 Protection from Ionizing Radiation 
4.3 Lifting and Back Protection 
4.4 Skin Protection 
4.5 Resources


This chapter addresses ways of protecting your body from the risks and hazards of working in the mineral exploration industry with emphasis on the need for and use of personal protective equipment (PPE). It is in the best interest of each employee to become as knowledgeable and self-reliant as possible regarding their personal safety. Therefore, employees should be trained and certified in the correct selection, use, care and maintenance of PPE, as required. Although PPE provides a personal means of defence against hazards, employees need to understand that they should not develop a false sense of security and rely on PPE to the exclusion of other safety measures. The resources section lists many government websites to enable the reader to seek out additional information regarding PPE and safety protection for employees.