Field Equipment Safety

Table of Contents
5.0 Field Equipment Safety 
5.1 General Guidelines for the Safe Use of Tools
5.2 Rock Hammers and Chisels 
5.3 Axes, Swedish Brush Hooks, Knives and Machetes (Pangas)
5.4 Augers 
5.5 Power Tools
5.6 Chainsaws
   5.6.1 Risks and Hazards
   5.6.2 Preventions and Preparations 
   5.6.3 Chainsaw Kickback 
   5.6.4 Safety Considerations When Felling Trees 
5.7 Brush Cutters 
5.8 Water Pumps 
5.9 Small Generators
5.10 Rock and Core Handling and Cutting Equipment 
   5.10.1 Risks and Hazards
   5.10.2 General Rock and Core Handling Guidelines 
   5.10.3 General Safety Regarding Rock Cutting Saws 
   5.10.4 Core Cutting Saws
   5.10.5 Core Splitters
   5.10.6 Portable Rock Saws 
   5.10.7 Stationary Slab Saws
5.11 Portable Handheld XRF Analyzers 
5.12 Resources


Chapter 5. Field Equipment Safety covers the safe use of implements and equipment that are commonly used for field work rather than at project or camp sites, although some may be used in both situations. Additional equipment is covered in the following chapters: