Emergency Response

Table of Contents
3.0 Emergency Response 
3.1 Risks and Hazards 
3.2 Emergency Management Versus Crisis Management
3.3 Guidelines for Developing Emergency Response Plans
3.4 Components of Emergency Response Plans 
   3.4.1 Site Operation Information 
   3.4.2 Risk Assessment of Site Operations 
   3.4.3 Emergency Equipment 
   3.4.4 Trained Personnel
   3.4.5 Implementation of Emergency Response Plans
   3.4.6 Directions to the Site 
   3.4.7 Communications and Contact Lists
   3.4.8 Training and Testing Emergency Response Plans
   3.4.9 Documentation 
   3.4.10 Recovery 
3.5 Guidelines for Developing Emergency Response Procedures 
   3.5.1 Medical Emergency
   3.5.2 Vehicle Accident or Incident
   3.5.3 Missing Persons
   3.5.4 Survival – Stranded Crew
   3.5.5 Aircraft Accident 
   3.5.6 Boat Accident
   3.5.7 Fires
   3.5.8 Whiteouts and Extreme Cold 
   3.5.9 Wild Animals
   3.5.10 Spills
   3.5.11 Bomb Threat and Security
   3.5.12 Example of a News Release
3.6 Resources


As part of a Health and Safety Program, every mineral exploration company should have an Emergency Management Plan and up-to-date Emergency Response Plans (ERPs) to address potential emergency situations that could occur within the organization and at each project site. In the past, many exploration companies have mainly relied on common sense and experience to deal with emergency situations; the outcomes have been variable at best. When an emergency occurs, there is no time to decide who is in charge, what alternatives will best control a situation, who has training to help, and how to use the communication equipment to obtain help. An emergency response plan addresses these issues and provides information and direction for addressing the situation as quickly as possible. In critical situations the first hour during an emergency (the golden hour) is often the most important, and the outcomes for the people involved and the company will be more successful when a company has an ERP prepared in advance and appropriately trained staff and contractors.