Waste Management

Table of Contents
12.1 Definitions 
   12.1.1 Waste
   12.1.2 Other Important Definitions
12.2 Waste Identification and Management 
   12.2.1 Source Reduction and Waste Minimization Practices Specific Examples 
   12.2.2 General Waste
   12.2.3 Special Management Waste Domestic Sewage and Wastewater Tires Drill Rig Waste Other Wastewater
   12.2.4 Hazardous Waste Hazardous Waste Identification Storage and Handling Used Petroleum Products Used Antifreeze Treatment Transportation Off-Site Management On-site Waste Management Facilities


Waste includes those materials that are discarded, or are intended to be discarded.   

This section addresses the issue of waste management with the goal of leaving as light a footprint as possible in an exploration program. It describes the various categories of waste and gives guidance in assessing the management and disposal options that are available.

All waste disposal activities require a permit from the local authorities, whether on-site or off-site. This may be issued by the Mines Department, the Environment Department or the local municipal government, and will vary from country to country (or even within countries).