Hazardous Material

Table of Contents
10.1 Fuels and Petroleum Products 
   10.1.1 Storage Site Setup
   10.1.2 Use of Drums and Other Containers
   10.1.3 Refuelling Operations
   10.1.4 Transporting Fuel and Petroleum Products 
   10.1.5 Handling Fuels and Oils on Water
10.2 Propane and Other Liquefied Petroleum Gases
10.3 Explosives
   10.3.1 Transport and Storage of Explosives
   10.3.2 Handling of Fuses and Blasting Caps 
   10.3.3 Blasting 
10.4 Solvents and Paints 
10.5 Drilling Fluids
   10.5.1 Handling and Storage of Drilling Fluids
10.6 Pesticides and Herbicides 
   10.6.1 Handling and Storage of Pesticides and Herbicides
10.7 Acids and Bases
10.8 Antifreeze
10.9 Dust
   10.9.1 Managing Dust 


Hazardous material includes items or commodities that pose an undue risk to any of the following:

  • Health
  • Safety
  • Life
  • Environment
  • Personal property