E-Toolkit Good Practice Guidelines

 The Excellence In Environmental Stewardship E-Toolkit Good Practice Guidelines

Table of Contents
2.1 Introduction 
   2.1.1 History 
   2.1.2 Purpose 
   2.1.3 Layout of EES Web Site 
   2.1.4 Scope
   2.1.5 Compilation and Editing
   2.1.6 Intended Audience
   2.1.7 The Future 
2.2 Management Essentials
   2.2.1 Exploration Code of Conduct 
   2.2.2 Environmental Challenges 
   2.2.3 Legislation and Permitting
   2.2.4 Planning
   2.2.5 Due Diligence Wilderness Sites Previously Explored Sites Previous Production Sites
   2.2.6 Contractor Selection and Management
   2.2.7 Reviews and Audits 
   2.2.8 Record Keeping
   2.2.9 Reporting


The Excellence in Environmental Stewardship (EES) e-toolkit is a comprehensive and up-to-date on-line resource for environmentally and responsible exploration practices and issues. Throughout the e-toolkit, emphasis is placed upon planning for avoidance of adverse impacts wherever possible. Taking account of the potential impacts before initiating an exploration program helps to ensure that exploration professionals leave as light a footprint as possible during their work. 


EES e-toolkit is designed to provide guidelines to current professional practices, not prescriptive solutions to specific issues. The e-toolkit can, however, form the basis for individuals and companies to set up more detailed guidelines for their own activities. EES includes information on measures and practical options to minimize the environmental impact of exploration, anywhere in the world.