Case Histories

Table of Contents
16.1 Drilling from Lake Ice
16.2 Drilling in Environmentally Sensitive Tropical Areas
16.3 Value of EES in Permitting - A Case History from Brazil by Noranda/Falconbridge 
16.4 Reclamation of Steep Slope Access Roads - A Case History from AngloGold 
16.5 Community Engagement during Exploration in Brazil - A Case History from Gold Fields 


The following case histories have been selected from submissions from EES users. They demonstrate the usefulness of the best practices outlined within the EES database and, in some cases, expand upon these practices. As always, we encourage users to submit additional case histories. 


Figure  SEQ Figure \* ARABIC 50: Use the best practices of EES and the following case histories to ensure the beauty of the land is left undisturbed after exploration is complete. © BHPBilliton.(Enviro_Land_946.jpg)