On the margins of the CSR Event Series at its 2016 Convention, PDAC held its first deliberative dialogue on the subject of “Women and Mining.” The principal purpose of the 2016 dialogue was to gather ideas on major issues related to the topic. Participants were invited for their knowledge of (or personal experience with) the subject matter, and ultimately comprised representatives from industry, the non-profit sector, government, consultants and women impacted by mining.

In March 2017, PDAC organized its second deliberative dialogue on the subject, entitled “Women and Mining: Towards Gender Equity.” In 2017, the dialogue was again well-attended by a diverse set of stakeholders. This year, the goal of the dialogue was to build on the ideas generated in 2016 and move towards consensus on how government, industry, civil society and communities could work together to assess the benefits and risks of mining on women and girls and then build strategies to optimize the benefits and reduce the risks.

Three primary areas of work were identified from the dialogues, focusing on the need to define “gender equity”, improve recruitment and retention in the industry and reduce negative impacts/increase positive impacts on women and girls in communities around project sites. Going forward, PDAC will be identifying which actions it could implement unilaterally and which actions it could advocate for others (in both industry and government) to implement.

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