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In 2016, the mineral sector employed 403,000 individuals in Canada, accounting for roughly 1 in 45 Canadian jobs. While women account for 48% of the Canadian workforce, they comprise only 17% of Canada’s mineral labour force. Bridging the gender gap in the mineral industry is critical to address the labour force, financial, health and safety, and longevity issues faced under the current industry climate. From the boardroom to the project site, the mineral industry has a role to play in improving gender equality in both Canada and abroad. PDAC is thus committed to advancing gender diversity and inclusion within the mineral industry through various initiatives and projects.

UPCOMING EVENT: "Small Changes, Big Impact: Enhancing Gender Diversity and Inclusion in Mineral Exploration"

On June 6, PDAC will be hosting a webinar for members. This webinar seeks to unpack the ways in which diversity and inclusion targets can be met via holistic integration into business models, and innovative thinking. Attendees will hear from industry experts on how their organizations have struggled and succeeded at addressing key barriers to gender diversity and inclusion at the junior level. The presentation will conclude with a presentation on PDAC’s upcoming e3 Plus Gender Diversity and Inclusion guidance chapter, highlighting how the guidance can assist juniors in establishing a gender diverse and inclusive workplace, workforce, and work culture.

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