PDAC comments on amendments to OSC Rule 13‐503 on (Commodity Future Act) Fees and Companion Policy 13‐503CP (Commodity Futures Act) Fees

The PDAC submitted comments on amendments to OSC Rule 13‐503 and Companion Policy 13‐503CP on fees. The proposed increase in fees in these amendments is counterintuitive at a time when the industry is facing challenging macroeconomic environment.   In our view, the proposed increase in fees, and the creation of a tiered fee structure, imposes an unfair burden on our members without providing any measurable improvement in investor confidence. In short, the fee increases add cost without demonstrably adding value. In particular, the PDAC does not support having the late fees for Forms 45‐501F1 and 45‐106F1 being increased to subject to an increase in the aggregate cap from the current $1,000 to $5,000.

For more details please see our submission Securities - Policy 13-503 PDAC Comments