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PDAC calls for infrastructure investments to unlock northern resource potential

For many projects in remote parts of Canada, the economic viability of many projects is greatly undermined by the cost premium arising from the lack of nearby transportation and energy infrastructure.  PDAC has worked with four other industry associations to document this cost premium, which led to the publication of the Leveling the Playing Field report in May 2015.


At the North of 60 conference  taking place in Yellowknife this week, PDAC is presenting additional research that assesses the increase in grade required to make discoveries in remote parts of Canada economically viable to develop.  Both reports together highlight the importance of coming up with creative solutions to resolve the infrastructure deficit and unlock northern resource potential.  One proposal PDAC is putting forward is the establishment of an Infrastructure Investment Bank, akin to the Alaska Industrial Development and Export Authority.  This was a central plank in our advocacy related to Budget 2015.