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Amendments to the Fisheries Act and Fisheries Act Regulations

In April 2013, the Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) proposed amendments to the Fisheries Act Regulations.  These regulations are aimed at increasing the predictability and timeliness of section 35 reviews through of explicit requirements for authorizations and the establishment of a maximum 5-month review timeline.  In addition,  the new regulations will also include a list of factors that the Minister will need to consider in making authorization decisions.  These amendments are expected to come into force simultaneously with a set of amendments (not yet in force) made to the Fisheries Act, in 2012, which shifted the focus of the Act from habitat protection to the promotion of sustainable and productive Aboriginal, commercial and recreational fisheries.  The PDAC made a submission to the federal government in June 2013, expressing a number of concerns with both sets of amendments and making a series of recommendations to address industry concerns.  The Association’s main recommendation is that the 2012 amendments and the proposed  2013 amendments should not come into force until DFO has developed a Fisheries Protection Policy, in consultation with affected stakeholders including the mineral exploration community.

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