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Proposed Navigation Protection Act

The Navigation Protection Act (NPA) will replace the Navigable Waters Protection Act (2009) and is expected to be brought into force in early 2014.  The name change represents a shift in focus, by Transport Canada, from the protection of navigable waters to the protection of navigation.  The primary changes are as follows:

  • The new regulatory regime applies mainly to waterways listed in a Schedule to the Act;
  • The new Act provides for enhanced ministerial powers, including the authority to designate safety zones around works; the authority to authorize the building, alteration and removal of works in emergency situations and; the authority to require a form of security;
  • More clearly defined responsibilities for owners of works, including a requirement to notify the Minister of possible or imminent dangers and take corrective actions;
  • Revised minor work orders; and
  • A new enforcement regime, including the introduction of monetary administrative penalties for non-compliance.

Information sessions on the NPA are being held by Transport Canada in June and July.  For a schedule of NPA information sessions, click here.

For more information on the NPA and to register for an information session, please contact:

Elisabeth Bertrand
Chief, Regulatory Affairs
Transport Canada
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[email protected].

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