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Ontario Far North Act – Bill 191

Far North Act

On June 2, 2009 the Ontario Government introduced legislation (the ‘Far North Act’) related to its Far North planning initiative. The proposed legislation seeks to permanently create an interconnected network ofprotected areas that cover more than half of the Far North Boreal region of Ontario in a network of conservation lands.


  • Ontario Prospectors Association supports NAN’s opposition to Bill 191 (September 2010)
    The Ontario Prospectors Association (OPA) opposes Bill 191 as it will effectively restrict access and development in the Far North, an area which contains high potential areas for mineral discovery. Ontario’s Far North is currently host to a gold and diamond mine, and there is other potential in the region such as the Ring of Fire. If Bill 191 was passed, the recent discoveries in the Ring of Fire would not have occurred. The OPA is urging its members to join in its support of NAN’s opposition to the Far North Act.
  • PDAC supports NAN’s opposition to Bill 191 (September 2010)
    The PDAC opposes Bill 191 as the legislation fails to achieve an appropriate balance between responsible economic development and the protection of the cultural, social and environmental values that the Far North embodies. Bill 191 will increase investor uncertainty and significantly reduce the land base that is available for exploration, thus negatively impacting economic opportunities for the mineral industry, First Nations, municipalities and companies that provide supplies and services. The PDAC supports NAN’s opposition to the legislation and is encouraging its members to sign the NAN petition.
  • Click here for the PDAC submission on Bill 191, the Far North Act (submitted August 4, 2009)
  • Ontario government News release and Backgrounder
  • Click here for the text and current status of Bill 191, available on the Ontario Legislature site.