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February 11, 2011 - No. 77

Let government know why the Mineral Exploration Tax Credit (METC) matters to you

The Mineral Exploration Tax Credit (METC) program is due to expire on March 31, 2011. The PDAC and other mineral industry associations are advocating for the METC’s extension in the 2011 federal budget. The METC is critical to the success of the mineral industry in Canada, helping to increase exploration financing by providing an incentive for Canadians to invest in exploration. This tax program is an important Canadian advantage for companies in need of capital.

With the federal budget expected in March, the PDAC urges members to tell the federal government about the importance of the METC to your company. 
For contact information and key messages to support your correspondence.
Further information, see the PDAC’s 2010 pre-budget submission
Or contact us.

PDAC responds to the United Nations’ draft Guiding Principles on human rights for transnational corporations and other business enterprises

The PDAC in general supports the draft Guiding Principles developed by the UN Secretary General’s special representative on human rights, John Ruggie. But it has identified areas of concern and is asking for additional deliberation and work. 
PDAC response  
John Ruggie’s Draft Guiding Principles

Extractive Sector CSR Counsellor introduces review process ? Ottawa ? Feb. 14

Marketa Evans, Extractive Sector CSR Counsellor, has developed a non-judicial process to review CSR issues related to Canadian mining, oil and gas companies operating overseas.
Evans will introduce the process at a session in Ottawa.
 Monday February 14, 2011
 2:00pm -3: 30pm
 Foreign Affairs and International Trade
 125 Sussex Drive, Rendez-vous room
The event will not be webcast but outreach sessions are also being planned in other, as yet unspecified, locations.
The session is free and open to everyone. But seating is limited so please RSVP before February 9 to [email protected]  

Barrick works with police and civil society to seek justice for Porgera victims

Barrick Gold Corp.’s Porgera Joint Venture (PJV) mine has terminated employees and is making changes to its security function as a result of a six-month investigation into incidents of sexual violence that are alleged to have taken place at the mine in Papau, New Guinea. Expressing deepest concern for the alleged victims, Barrick issued the following statement outlining its actions and responding to a Human Rights Watch report on the issue.

The PDAC joins Barrick in its concern about this alleged incident and the victims and brings this information to the attention of its members. All companies must consider the potential for such risks at their own sites. The PDAC’s e3 Plus framework provides guidance to help companies reduce manage human rights issues and reduce risks. 
More information in e3 Plus’s online Social Responsibility Tool Kit including  English | French.

Fraser Institute ’s Global Mining Hot Spots presentation ? Toronto ? March 3

Findings from the Fraser Institute's annual Survey of Mining Companies , a survey of international industry executives offer on the exploration and development attractiveness of nearly 80 mining jurisdictions worldwide, will be presented by Fred McMahon, Fraser Institute vice-president of international policy research.
McMahon, who manages this research, will unveil the results of the Fraser Institute's Survey of Mining Companies 2010/2011. McMahon's presentation will focus on key jurisdictions in the global rankings, as well as industry reactions to the worldwide economic turnaround.
The PDAC is one of the survey’s sponsors and the presentation is free of charge.
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Gordon Peeling steps down as president and CEO at MAC

The Mining Association of Canada (MAC) announced last month that Gordon Peeling is stepping down as of April 30, 2011, after 14 years as the chief executive. Peeling has worked in the mining industry for 30 years and a search is now underway for his replacement.
MAC announcement

PDAC 2011 Convention updates

Sponsorships for this year’s convention are now closed. Many thanks to the generous sponsors who help make the convention bigger and better than ever.

For the convenience of our delegates, PDAC will be offering shuttle service from downtown hotels to the convention centre during the convention. 
For details

Crystal Ball Gala tickets still available.

Expanded CSR and Aboriginal programs featured at PDAC 2011 Convention

The PDAC’s Corporate Social Responsibility Series has been expanded to include seven new sessions featuring industry, government, finance and NGO presenters who will provide updates and discuss different aspects of CSR. It has become critical that exploration and mining companies continue to build on CSR values and principles and cover all levels of their operations in order to meet the objectives of sustainable development. Attend the CSR sessions to learn more about reducing project risks. There is no charge to attend the sessions. 
Further details

The Aboriginal Program Forum offers short courses, information and technical sessions and is a highlight of the PDAC convention. Several of the events sell-out quickly and delegates are advised to book early. This year the program has been significantly expanded and offers a venue for networking, information sharing and economic development. For companies it provides an opportunity to raise their awareness of Aboriginal issues and culture and to learn from examples of successful partnerships between Aboriginal communities and exploration and mining companies. 
More information

Canadian Trade Commissioners available for consultation at PDAC Convention 2011

The Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade (DFAIT) CAMESE and the PDAC will be offering convention delegates an opportunity to talk with Canadian trade commissioners from 12 countries during the convention.
More information
To register contact Barb Fletcher at [email protected]

Global environment conference Mining, People and the Environment returns  ? Toronto ?  March 5

The Mining, People and the Environment (MPE) conference returns to Toronto for the second year to host a one-day conference before PDAC 2011. MPE focuses on environmental practice and corporate social responsibility.
The conference will provide a forum to discuss and debate some of the crucial concerns facing the mineral exploration and mining industry today, as well as an opportunity to discuss best practices and the future challenges for the global industry.
More information

Engineers Without Borders conference provides opportunity for PDAC to discuss sustainable mining with socially responsible engineers

The PDAC was a sponsor of the annual national conference of Engineers Without Borders Canada (EWB) in Toronto on January 14 and 15 in Toronto to open dialogue with EWB delegates about sustainable mining in Africa, which is the EWB’s focus. Five mining companies also provided sponsorship.
PDAC volunteers David Clarry and Bill McGuinty worked with staff to facilitate the PDAC’s participation. Two of the 55 conference sessions focused on natural resource extraction and mining industry speakers included Ian Smillie, chair of the Diamond Development Initiative and Bob Carreau, vice president of CSR and Sustainability at Breakwater Resources.
As a result of those sessions, the PDAC booth was flooded with questions from delegates, mainly engineering students and recent graduates, interested in learning more about sustainable mining and job opportunities. The conference was helpful in bringing messages about mining’s responsible behavior to a key group of committed young professionals who were not well informed about the industry.
As a result of this introduction, the PDAC suggests member companies consider future linkages with the EWB organization when it holds resource-related discussions. 
Engineers Without Borders Canada website

Data Metallogenica ’s presents online database of rock and ore samples from key global deposits

Data Metallogenica (DM), an Australian non-profit that provides a database of more than 70,000 geological samples from 3,000 deposits in more than 70 countries for independent  geologists and others without access to company or academic samples. DM has plans to expand its global encyclopedia of ore deposits and other services.
DM website
Presentation on DM
DM newsflash

AFN international indigenous energy and mining summit ? Niagara Falls, ON ? June 27-29

The Assembly of First Nations will hold a three-day conference on sustainable and responsible resource development in Niagara Falls, ON, June 27-29. Discounted early registration fees are now available.
English | French

For more information contact Karen Hunter, or 613-241-6789 ext 203.  

Social responsibility blog site says diamonds are ok again

After being shunned by social activists for several over fear that diamond mining exploits poor Africans, blog is reconsidering that position.

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