The GAC-PDAC Logan Student Prize supports the career and academic advancement of geoscience students.

The Prize will be awarded annually to one undergraduate student at each CCCESD-member department (~32 departments). The Prize will consist of a monetary award, one-year memberships in both GAC® and PDAC, and an electronic certificate.

The GAC®-PDAC Logan Student Prize

The purpose of the Logan Student Trust Fund of GAC, with contributions from PDAC, is to “support the career and academic advancement of geoscience students” with an annual budget of $5000. The Fund was used previously to support Logan Student Chapters at participating universities.  As of 2014 the Logan Student Chapter program, as well as the GAC Book Award, has been discontinued and replaced by the “GAC®-PDAC Logan Student Prize”.

All CCCESD member departments will receive the Prize Package and it is up to each department to award the prize and report to GAC® Headquarters ([email protected]) the successful candidate’s name and contact information, as well as a brief biography. That information will be used to promote the program as well as the winners.

Criteria for the prize

The intent is that undergraduate students who are selected for this prize should be academically sound, have good leadership skills (e.g. as they pertain to organizing field trips, geology club geo-events, etc.), and have done well at field school or otherwise show proficiency in field techniques. A student in his/her final  (i.e. graduation) year is preferred.

Selection of the student

We suggest that students should be given the opportunity to nominate fellow undergraduate candidates for the award, but that faculty ultimately choose the winner from among those nominated. Having students involved in the award process will increase awareness of the award and hence of GAC® and PDAC who sponsor it. The onus for selecting a student will fall on the GAC® Campus Representative, the Department Head, and/or the departmental Awards Officer.

The GAC® Councillor charged as Campus Liaison coordinator will be in charge of reminding departments of the award and ensuring that a student is selected annually.

Deadline for submission of the selected student’s name and a short biography to GAC® Headquarters: January 11.

Advertising the GAC®-PDAC Logan Student Prize

The student selected for the prize from each department will be publicized in “Geolog” and on departmental websites. GAC® and PDAC will also promote the Logan Student Prize through their respective social media channels, to raise awareness amongst students. The criteria for the Prize, in addition to a short paragraph outlining Logan’s accomplishments and impact on Canadian geoscience, will accompany the winners’ names.

For more information contact [email protected]