The PDAC Convention, with its 25,000 plus attendees, can be overwhelming, particularly for first-timers. The MTCC is large, the convention is jam-packed with events and activities, and if you are doing it right, you are spending as much time as you can networking. Even if it's not your first time, you might want to use this guide to help make it an amazing experience.

Plan ahead

  • Pre-register and make travel plans well in advance. If you're travelling to the Convention in a group, consider applying for travel funding from the PDAC. Registration fees are always more affordable in advance. Booking hotel rooms through the convention room block can save you money and it can also mean shorter daily commutes.
  • Book using the PDAC preferred rate. If you book early, you can take advantage of reduced room rates and nearby hotels.
  • Review the Convention program and prepare your schedule! Planning ahead means you can take advantage of all the Convention has to offer. Otherwise, you can end up just wandering around and risk wasting the day away.
  • Look up the companies you want to connect with. Do some research, so you can ask informed questions when you see them. Get their booth number, which will be on the PDAC Convention website. You never know what opportunities might arise from having a conversation.
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At the Convention

  • Make the most of your time. Wandering the aisles of the Trade Show or Investor’s Exchange can leave you exhausted without much to show for your effort. Set a goal: for each day you attend, choose 10 booths to visit; stand back and read about that company; approach the booth and ask informed questions; exchange business cards; write notes on the card for later use; at the end of the day, send an email for each business card you received and re-iterate what you discussed at the booth. You will be making a good impression and you might be making invaluable connections!
  • Take advantage of the Technical sessions! Along with the events offered by the Student & Early Career Program, there are Technical sessions you can attend. Look them up in the Convention Program or on the Convention website. Some require booking in advance. Find out which ones do and avoid disappointment.
  • Check out the Keynote Program. Keynote presentations might not be directly related to your field of interest, but they just might expand it and your interest in other aspects of the industry.
  • Attend the Poster Presentation. Take time to explore. Constructively critique the posters, challenge the presenters, and learn from both.

Pace Yourself

  • Get some sleep! The Convention can also be fun; there are many planned evening social activities, plus you will surely stay up late “networking” with colleagues. You might want to schedule a lunchtime nap to catch up on sleep in case you cannot tear yourself away at night.
  • Carry a reusable water bottle. It will help keep you hydrated in the dry MTCC air and the environment will thank you, too.
  • Pack snacks. Lines at the MTCC food stations might be long, snacks may not be to your taste, and on top of it, may be pricey.
  • Dress in layers. No one can predict temperatures at the MTCC, or outside, so be prepared for both warmer and cooler conditions.
  • Wear comfortable shoes. The MTCC is huge and that can mean covering a lot of ground. Your feet will thank you!
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