Testimonials 2023

Shayna Meinzinger

"As a student, attending PDAC is extremely advantageous for your career in the mining industry and , I made plenty of invaluable connections that I will reach out to post-graduation. I would most certainly love to repeat my PDAC experience. It was rewarding in so many different ways. I have shared my amazing experience with many of my classmates and network, who would be crazy not to apply for this rewarding experience!"

- Shayna Meinzinger, University of Waterloo

  BSc Honours Cooperative Geochemistry



Wil Munro

"I was able to secure a job at the Keno Hill site with Hecla in the Yukon starting August 30th, which was pretty incredible because they offered me the position 6 months in advance! I would absolutely recommend any student attend PDAC, as it is so important to network and make connections as early on as possible. Having the convention fully funded made it even more incredible. If it wasn’t for the award, I would not have attended PDAC and not realized how valuable attending conventions is."

- Will Munro, University of Victoria
  BSc Earth Science & Chemistry

Nicolas Prieto Moreno

"We were lucky to meet the Leishman family, some PDAC Directors, politicians and industry professionals. Everyone was very kind, friendly and gave us advice that will help us in not only our professional life but also our personal lives. This experience was very important to me, since it allowed me to learn new concepts, learn about the trend of critical minerals and a bit of the geology of some participating countries. I learned that this industry is propelled by good friendships that are formed and grow over time. This first experience at the PDAC Convention would not have been the same without the generosity and sponsorship of the Leishman family."

- Nicolas Prieto Moreno, Memorial University of Newfoundland
MSc Earth Science



Aidan Buyers

"This experience is not one I will forget soon, and I encourage all students who have not been to PDAC before to submit an application for it. I felt the generosity of the Leishman family throughout this experience and I believe their contribution to bringing students to the conference reflects their father’s values and enhances his legacy."

- Aidan Buyers, Saint Mary’s University
BSc Geology