2025 NGEA™ Registration

This registration allows access one or more of the digital datasets with the understanding that you and your team will be submitting an entry for the award. In addition, you will be kept advised with new information that may arise during the challenge period.

Once you have registered, you will receive email instructions for a username and password to access the digital datasets.


By registering for the Frank Arnott - Next Generation Explorers Award (NGEA™), I accept the following terms and conditions:

Terms & Conditions

  • The datasets provided are for the sole purpose of participating in the NGEA™.
  • The datasets are provided by the noted Geological Surveys and are copyrighted by their respective governments. By using these datasets, you acknowledge that you are also abiding by their respective terms and conditions.
  • Every attempt has been made to ensure the data and associated metadata is accurate and up to date. The Next Generation Explorers Award Association makes no representations or warranties of any kind whether express, implied, statutory, or otherwise.
  • All final PowerPoint submissions will be made public and accessible on our website. If you are using proprietary technology, data, etc. in your submission, please ensure that you obtain all relevant permissions and abide by any terms of confidentiality. We do request that you cite any use of proprietary technology, data, etc.