Frank Arnott - Next Generation Explorers Award is a follow up to the Frank Arnott Award (FAA) 2017, founded in honour of Frank Arnott (1951-2009);  an exceptional exploration industry leader who championed innovative techniques that maximized the value of the multidisciplinary data underpinning exploration campaigns worldwide.

Recognizing that effective data integration and visualization of data remains one of the biggest challenges, the Frank Arnott Award 'collaborative' challenge, focused on innovation in data integration and visualization, was launched in 2016.  Participants selected one of five high quality global datasets and submissions were entered from around the globe in April of 2017. Evaluated by independent judges, the top 3 teams in both the Experienced and Apprentice categories were selected and honoured during the prestigious Exploration 2017 Decennial Mining Exploration Conference (DMEC). Each finalist team gave a presentation of their project findings and were formally presented with their final ranking and award October 24th 2017 in Toronto, Canada.

Given the success of the Frank Arnott Award and the opportunity that it presented for students worldwide, with the combined efforts of various sponsors and endorsements the challenge will continue.