About Frank

Frank Arnott (1951–2009) was an exceptional exploration industry leader. He championed innovative techniques that maximise the value of the multidisciplinary data that underpin modern exploration campaigns. Frank always looked for new and innovative ways to improve data processing methodologies and integrate multidisciplinary exploration datasets. The development of his GeoExpress 2000 product was the culmination of many years of hard work. It is fair to say that Frank was at least a decade ahead of the industry in his thinking, with many of the concepts he was advancing coming to fruition today.

Frank was never constrained by convention and he was just as happy working on global datasets as he was working at the prospect scale. He was equally comfortable engaging with academia as he was with industry and often sought innovation in unfamiliar areas such as biomedical imaging, bringing back ideas to help solve exploration problems. His enthusiasm was infectious and he was a wonderful mentor, a talented scientist, always passionate and committed to geophysical exploration.

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